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There will be no end to this, as the pharmaceutical industry has announced the next experimental vaccine against “Omikron” for March 2022. By May then everyone should have received a total of 7 syringes, as the Omikron vaccination should consist of three doses.

It’s as good as confirmed. Governments are now revealing their real goal: endless vaccinations for an endless pandemic.

This week the UK government admitted that it is already planning the next round of experimental Covid booster vaccinations.

Health experts cite the “Omicron” virus invasion and aggressive vaccination policies in Israel and Germany now proceeding with the fourth vaccination to justify an endless vaccination policy for the UK. In addition, Germany has shortened the time between a second Covid vaccination and a booster vaccination to just three months – instead of six.

The British Telegraph reports

The UK is considering introducing a fourth round of vaccinations against Covid-19 after both Israel and Germany gave the go-ahead for a second booster vaccination.

Experts from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) will review the findings on immunity after three vaccinations and hospitalization data for the new Omicron variant before deciding on a fourth booster vaccination.

The government’s new booster vaccination will also target children, including a revised multiple vaccination schedule for “at risk” children:

Around 330,000 children in this age group with health problems receive two reduced doses of the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine every eight weeks. This group also includes children who live in a household with immunocompromised people.

As it turns out, the government has quietly implemented a four vaccination policy, initially for those who the state believes have “weakened immune systems”:

People with compromised immune systems are already eligible for a fourth vaccination, but the introduction could be extended to the elderly and other vulnerable groups in the UK.

If the government agrees, it can introduce the second booster vaccination immediately, as the only condition is that the fourth vaccination be given only four months after the last booster. The first booster vaccinations were given in mid-September 2021.

Any additional dose would likely be given at least four months after the first booster vaccination, which means the fourth vaccination – should it be approved – could be available as early as the New Year.

Another very interesting development in this regard is that after over a year of pretending to be the false number of relative risk reduction (RRR) advertised by drug companies (i.e., “our vaccine was 95 in clinical trials”), the government has been pretending to be % Effective ”) some kind of legitimate measure of the real effectiveness of the vaccine, suddenly admitted that, statistically speaking, the vaccines would be of no use to the young population at all. In a clever mitigation move, the JCVI suddenly admitted that vaccinating 1 million children between the ages of 5 and 11 would save only two children from intensive care. That admission suggests that, in this instance at least, the government is relying on a more accurate measure of absolute risk reduction (ARR) rather than the fraudulent RRR number routinely disseminated by drug cartel members Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Moderna, and others will. The Telegraph reports:

In a further development, the JCVI said it needed more real-world evidence before recommending mass vaccination of children as young as five. The committee concluded that one million doses of vaccine in five to 11 year olds would save only two healthy children from needing intensive care.

All of this is a startling development which shows that the government may be trying to compensate for its inability to implement the draconian medical apartheid-related vaccination passport laws currently in place in major European countries by instead adopting one drives a new round of experimental injections for businesses.

Additionally, the JCVI’s tacit admission that the vaccine has no effect on children is a sign that the state is now protecting itself against the legal and political setbacks that resulted in the ruthless government’s attempt to convert the entire population into one giant GMO – Transforming pharmaceutical experiment, sure will come. It is clear that from day one, the public has been lied to about almost every major aspect of the crisis.

Yet few ask the fundamental question: If you need FOUR vaccines in a year, doesn’t that mean that the “vaccine” isn’t very effective at all?

UK officials have used the Omikron brand to sell the current round of booster vaccinations on behalf of the pharmaceutical industry, although scientists and medical experts have pointed out how weak this alleged variant is.

Officials in Westminster claim they have not made a decision and that they are still waiting for a fuller picture of “science”.

Vaccine mogul Bill Gates’ recent visit to government officials may suggest that drug cartels are putting enormous pressure on pushing through the next round of experimental vaccines as drug companies are certainly keen to get their guaranteed sales for the next financial quarter. Every government mandate or campaign means billions in guaranteed profits for the vaccine industry.


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