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Every day over the Christmas period, Der Spiegel distributed propaganda articles in order to stir up anti-Russian sentiment over the holidays as well. An analysis of the propaganda techniques used by Spiegel.

The anti-Russian fireworks in the mirror had to be kept going over Christmas as well. To this end, Der Spiegel published three articles, the first on the evening of the 23rd, the second on the evening of the 24th and the third on the evening of December 25th. This ensured that Spiegel readers still got to see an article every morning during the news-poor time of the holidays, reminding them who the bad guy is. Since the intervals between the publication times indicate that this regularity was wanted, it is worthwhile to analyze the propaganda techniques used in the articles.

Russia’s alleged threats

The Spiegel has a tradition of reporting about alleged “threats” from Russia, as I do shown again and again have. The examples show that the alleged Russian threats were always inventions of the Spiegel editorial team, especially since none of the alleged threats was ever implemented afterwards.

But there are such unimportant details as the truth in the mirror


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