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Here is my list:

The vaccines are safe and effective. Ignore the 300,000 deaths in the VAERS system. Ignore the fact that we can point out eight different ways hundreds of thousands have been killed by the vaccine. Ignore the fact that some doctors have reported a 20,000-fold increase in VAERS events this year. Since we withdraw their license to practice medicine if they express themselves, the public is left in the dark.

Masks work. Ignore what the randomized trials say (which prove that masks do absolutely nothing). We say it works, so it works. Do you understand? It’s all about belief, not science.

The vaccines are the only way out. Ignore experts like Geert Vanden Bossche who say otherwise. Even if he predicted everything that would happen, that doesn’t mean we should listen to him. We have to keep listening to the experts who keep telling us things that are not true.

Vaccination regulations are necessary. Ignore the fact that in Gibraltar the vaccination rate is 118% and the cases are so high that Christman had to cancel them. Just because a 100% vaccination rate doesn’t work there doesn’t mean it doesn’t work here. By the way: if the vaccines worked as claimed, there would be no need for a vaccination to protect the vaccinated.

Do what the authorities (CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO) tell you without questioning. They must never be held accountable for asking questions they do not want to answer; that would be too embarrassing.

Trust your doctor. If he advises you to get vaccinated, do what he says. He knows best, even if he hasn’t looked at the underlying data himself.

Early treatments with reused drugs don’t work. Ignore all of the doctors who have thousands of patients who have only had a few minor hospital stays. They don’t lie and we can’t explain why their results are so good, but believe us … you have to ignore this. And ignore peer-reviewed systematic reviews and meta-analyzes. These used to be the highest tier of evidence-based medicine, but we have to ignore them. The NIH expert opinion is all that matters. The NIH are in full control, as with fluvoxamine, where they are ignoring phase 3 data and the opinions of key opinion leaders. They ignore the fact that they never do a risk-benefit analysis for any of these drugs. Trust them. You are the experts.

Full liability protection is required for drug manufacturers. This should be obvious; we all know that these vaccines kill hundreds of thousands of people and hinder many more. If the pharmaceutical companies were held accountable, they would be out of business and this huge asset transfer would cease. We can’t let that happen.

Nobody died from the mRNA vaccines. Ignore the fact that one of the world’s greatest pathologists, Dr. Peter Schirmacher, conducted a study of only 40 patients who died after being vaccinated, and found that the CDC is lying. Ignore the fact that Dr. Schirmacher were repeated by other top pathologists. Ignore the fact that no one can show how these studies were wrong. We need everyone who believes the vaccines are safe, otherwise the whole game will collapse.

Opinions to the contrary must be silenced. The public is only allowed to hear one side of the story – that of the authorities – otherwise the whole story will collapse. Because of this, there will never be a debate between the two sides. Do you understand?

The Nuremberg Code does not apply to us. Sure, we know of over 9,000 events in VAERS that are greatly increased after these vaccines. But since the Nuremberg Code does not apply to us (because we said so), we are under no obligation to make this known to the public. If we did that, they wouldn’t take the vaccine.

There are more excellent suggestions for this list in the comments below. Those were just my favorite top 11 lies.

The scientific evidence refuting all of these claims can be found on the Slide files in my resource article.


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