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Here it is what is the last step to go down just before hell: the green pass obbligatorio to make Christmas lunch or New Year’s Eve dinner. We thought it was impossible to reach, but the mayor of Palau (in Sardinia) to make it a reality: in his latest ordinance, Francesco Giuseppe Manna claims the nobel for anti-covid restrictions. Green pass before the zampone, at least until 10 January 2022.

It should also be said that the mayor perhaps anticipates what the Minister Speranza and others in the council of ministers would have gladly introduced all over Italy. For now it looks like we won’t get there, though the control room has already decided on new restrictive measures which will soon be confirmed on CDM. The citizens of Palau with outdoor masks already live together and will also have to deal with the other provisions of the municipal ordinance: closure of the municipal playgrounds during the Christmas holidays and “ban on organizing or participating in private parties, lunches or dinners outdoors or indoors, as well as family members and relatives with green certification “.

A completely illiberal measure, that I enter the homes of citizens much more than Conte’s curfew or the government’s “strong recommendations”. We are totally banned: the state, in this case in its local articulation, which decides who you can invite to dinner and who not. The police, local and state, and whoever violates the rule will check compliance with the order he risks being arrested for up to three months and the fine of 206 euros. Is it worth tempting fate to eat panettone with friends? “We do not intend to establish a police state in the country”, says the mayor to theAnsa. Think what he would have done if he had wanted to establish it, we say. The fact is that Manna does not seem willing to take steps backwards: “We know well that checking the inside of the houses to verify compliance with the anti Covid rules is practically impossible”, he insists, but “in the face of the growth of contacts in a center that even during the most acute phases of the pandemic was Covid free, or almost, with this further ordinance we wanted to send a message to our fellow citizens, reminding them of their responsibilities and common sense “.

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