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On Real America’s Voice, the pilots spoke about the side effects of the corona vaccine and the risks involved.

One of them, Greg Pearson, said he initially did not want to be vaccinated and has never been vaccinated against the flu. However, since he lives in Hawaii and has a family in California, in states with strict travel restrictions, and his employer requested the vaccination, he changed his mind and decided to get vaccinated anyway.

Everything was fine the day he was vaccinated. Pearson went to bed but woke up in the middle of the night with his heart racing. The pilot went to the emergency room, which was found to have atrial fibrillation, which can lead to a stroke.

“I could have had a stroke while trying to land a plane 30 meters,” Pearson said. With all the risks that come with it.

The pilot also said that the authorities will not tell you about it. “You’re keeping this under lock and key,” he said. He added that many pilots are afraid to speak out. “They fear reprisals.”

There are pilots who fly while suffering from oppressive chest pain or headaches, Pearson said. “That has to stop.”


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