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Very rarely does Telegram intervene in user content. In individual cases, Telegram is now blocking groups and comments that agitate against corona measures. Those affected are those who obtain the app directly from Google and Apple.

Telegram is currently one of the most important platforms for conspiracy believers. In the groups and channels of the chat app, among other things, mingle Lateral thinkers and right-wing extremists. Some are sharing misleading and false information about the pandemic and organizing protests. Others spread too Hatred, hate speech and death threats. This can help to radicalize peoplewho just want to browse Telegram.

Telegram usually allows this. Compared to other platforms like Facebook or Twitter, Telegram rarely deletes content. Telegram is known for its very broad interpretation of freedom of expression to let authorities down. This has made the platform an important tool for democratic protest movements in authoritarian countries such as Belarus and Iran, but it also leads to a situation in this country where calls for murder simply stop.


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