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By the summer of 2021, thanks to political and economic factors, Switzerland had one of the most rational, prudent and overall most successful strategies in the world in dealing with the corona pandemic. The only real flaws were that Ineffective mask requirement as well as the ineffective Semi-Lockdowns im Winter 2020/21.

In late summer, the Swiss government came under increasing pressure as the European Union, the USA and the WHO deal with the introduction digital “vaccination records” began. The Swiss government therefore used the persistent summer wave to completely epidemiologically absurd Introduce “vaccination passports” in Switzerland.

At that time, based on data from the former Israel and Iceland, it was already clear that “vaccination certificates” were not only useless, but are even counterproductive because the Covid vaccines could not prevent infections and transmissions. The Swiss authorities ignored this fact and instead sold the “vaccination pass” as a “Success Story” .

Referendum on vaccines


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