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If military strategists, corporate elites, and government officials take seriously the prospect of biotech implantation in humans, so should we.

For the past week, the world has looked to a future where vaccination cards will be implanted under the skin. The Swedish start-up „Epicenter“ that implants microchips to its employees.

“At the moment it is very convenient to have a COVID passport on the implant,” said the Chief Disruption Officer, Hannes Sjöblad, the interviewer. Strangely enough, he repeatedly spoke of “poor people” getting chipped when we clearly see a woman opening doors with her hand.

Two years earlier Sjöblad told ITV: “I want us humans to open up and improve our sensory universe, our cognitive functions. … I want to merge people with technology, and I think this is going to be great. “

Of course, some Christians see that Mark of the beast. In a healthy world, the idea of ​​having a chip in your hand to gain access to public goods or private property – a sign to “buy, sell or trade” – should alert anyone, regardless of his religious beliefs. The same goes for using an implanted Brain computer interface for access to the digital world like Elon Musk mit Neuralink plant.

But for a growing group of people, this invasive technology is not only desirable. She is already normal. Currently using about 5,000 Swedes implant RFID-Chips (Radio Frequency Identification)to open doors, make cashless payments, present medical records, attend concerts and use public transport. According to “Ars Technica”, 2018 is estimated to have 50,000 to 100,000 people implanted a microchip around the world, especially in their hands.

In an analysis published in Nature in 2019, it is reported that about 160,000 people Deep brain stimulation devices have been implanted in the head. Currently, this is only done out of necessity to treat diseases such as epilepsy and Parkinson’s, or even addiction and depression. Of these devices, only 34 are true brain-computer interfaces. With the current Progress in technology, the enormous Cash injections and the youngest permit however, by the US Food and Drug Administration, that number is set to grow rapidly.

On the way to a hybrid humanity

Enthusiasts say they aim to advance these technologies from healing to improvement. In 2018 – the same year that “Biohax” by chipping thousands of Swedish hands international attention excited – the company was touted in the “MIT Technology Review” with the flattering headline: “This company implants microchips in its employees and they love it”.

Since then, the first human RFID implant in 1997 patented and in 2004 by the FDA authorized subdermal microchips have become just another device in a growing toolbox for cyborgs. The paradigm of the Internet of the body has found enormous approval among medical professionals. In extreme cases, the concept of the naturally born human is to be abolished.

For more than six decades the American Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has co-financed “Human 2.0” projects special interest at brain-computer interfaces. With reference to these and many other human-machine hybrids, the chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, recently presented his vision of a civilizational transformation. His well-read books – “The fourth industrial revolution” (2016) and „The Great Reset“ (2020) – both describe the unstoppable progress towards total technocracy.

The same thought emerges in a 2019 government analysis of Policy Horizons Canada entitled „Exploring Biodigital Convergence“ on. According to the authors, “digital technology can be embedded in organisms [und heute] biotechnology may be on the cusp of a period of rapid expansion – possibly analogous to digital computing around 1985. ”Its success will depend on extensive monitoring.

The document mentions tracking chips, portable biosensors, internal organ sensors, internet-connected neurotechnology, and swallowable digital pills described the body and brain merging with the digital beehive.

The British Ministry of Defense published the harrowing study last spring „Human Augmentation: The Dawn of a New Paradigm“. The authors promise that this will “become increasingly important, on the one hand because it can directly improve human skills and behavior, and on the other hand because it is the link between humans and machines”. With a view to today’s cyborgs, they write: “Once used, these ‘chips’ can … replace many of our keys and passwords so that we can unlock doors, start vehicles and even log into computers and smartphones.”

All of the authors mentioned are superficially concerned about ethics, but most of them accept the “inevitable” merging of man and machine. If military strategists, corporate elites, and government officials take this prospect seriously, so should we.

The new normal is total digitization

Common sense folks at the thought of getting a microchip in their hand (or head) stabbed them with animal disgust. Worrying as this may be, a more immediate concern is the widespread use of non-invasive biometric systems.

Wherever the new normal comes in, access to society is granted or denied on the basis of arbitrary “health and safety” concerns. Today it’s the masks or the vaccination status. Tomorrow it could be ideology. You don’t need to be chipped by the authorities when they can simply scan your smartphone and tell you to go away or lock you in your living cell if “the numbers” rise.

To name one of many examples: The biometric company “Clear” has mithile des Patriot Act made a name. Today there is “Clear”, biometric and QR code-based vaccination records for fully vaccinated citizens to offer on the go.

It won’t stop there. Not without a fight. Caryn Seidman-Becker, CEO of “Clear”, said last year opposite CNBC: “Just as screening changed forever after September 11, 2001, screening and public safety will also change significantly in the post-Covid period. But this time it’s not just about airports. It’s about sports stadiums, retail, office buildings, restaurants ”.

Tech mogul Bryan Johnson ran the company „Kernel“ founded to develop non-invasive brain scanning helmets designed to improve people’s health and happiness. The devices can also collect neurological data from users. Last summer, Johnson explained opposite “Bloomberg Businessweek”that he wants to use his BCI helmets in every American household by 2030.

These people want to completely transform our mental and physical spaces. It’s not even a secret. They want some form of transhumanism, whether they use that term or not. It is high time to smash their devices.

America can’t let that happen

All over the world, one canary after the other is falling dead in the digital coal mine. We see implanted vaccination records in Sweden, Lockdowns for the unvaccinated in Austria and Germany, and yes, quarantine warehouse in Australia.

The “Untact” program in South Korea is specifically designed to replace human interaction with social robots and the metaverse. At the beginning of the pandemic, American authors urged „The Atlantic“ and „CNN“ the American leadership to adopt Chinese authoritarianism. Your wish begins to come true.

While I doubt any population will be forcibly killed like a bad house cat – at least not in the near future – no nightmarish policy is really off the table. In the past 21 months, mRNA gene therapies, QR code-based vaccination records, the massive deletion of supposed “misinformation” and even the Monitoring by drones prescribed to control social distancing. More young adults died now a fentanyl overdose than any communicable disease.

If the biosecurity state can force you to wear an obedience mask to buy groceries, what can it not do? Resist their measures at every turn. Take these people down from the seats of power. Dismantle the structures that you have already created.

I am not an absolutist. Tools are tools, and every naked ape needs one. On the whole, I don’t care whether techno fetishists are chipping themselves or redesigning their appendages. Had their subculture been marginalized, I would still find people like that fascinating. But that is not the case.

The tech titans and their think tank ministers ride the waves of germ phobia – the ultimate organic disorder – establishing a secular religion. The richest men in the world, who have the most powerful tools in the world, establish inescapable systems of control. We cannot fight them if we do not recognize what they are.

Science is their belief. Technology is their sacrament. Their cult is a cyborg theocracy. Even if they let fire rain down from the sky at the push of a button, never bend your knee to their silicon gods.


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