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Ulrike Guérot, a German political scientist, has effectively shown that the so-called vaccine opponents are far better informed than those who have been vaccinated. She cites an investigation carried out by MAT, in which several tweets by anti-vaccination agents were analyzed with extreme caution.

In Germany, around 70% were vaccinated, 30% were not vaccinated, and around 40% of the 70% chose to be vaccinated, not because they believed the media propaganda, but because they needed to be vaccinated if they could work without restrictions and move around freely wanted to.

The MAT study showed that those who are not vaccinated not only have more knowledge, but can never be convinced to get vaccinated.

The political scientist Guérot from the University of Bonn is of the opinion that the compulsory vaccination in Germany and Austria will be introduced through the back door of the 2G regulation, which only allows vaccinated and recovered people to participate in social life.

“The pandemic has absolutely divided society, a sorting process is under way: You only invite people to your home for spaghetti and wine who are on the same wavelength when it comes to Corona”.

In fact, I no longer have zero-covid friends, but surround myself with many people who, like me, are critical of the measures.

“Especially in public there are no more factual discussions at all. The denigration of lateral thinkers, who should actually be welcome in a democracy, has meant that no one dares to express criticism of the Corona policy ”.

This led to a completely closed ceiling of opinion: The measures are good – and whoever speaks against them is a ‘corona denier’ and on top of that, right-wing.

That is a very dangerous development, ”explained Guérot, professor for European politics and co-director of the Ernst-Robert-Curtius-Center at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität in Bonn.

In order to end the discrimination against the unvaccinated, a manifesto co-authored by her is available at coronaaussoehnung.org.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, the goals have shifted further and further. First it was about the protection of risk groups, now control instruments are being created to exclude unvaccinated people from public life. Who guarantees that this will stop when the danger is over?

“When politicians ask me to be vaccinated and therefore to wear a digital vaccination certificate in public spaces, I would like these politicians to clarify the following questions beforehand, on which I personally make my willingness to have a vaccination and a health certificate dependent:

What are the criteria for ending the epidemic emergency? But above all: Will “2-G” be ended when Corona is over or under control, there is no longer any overload in the hospitals, no more corona-related excess mortality?

“Or will the digital passport be retained? Is there a planned next phase? Will he soon collect more data that will limit my participation in society?

Should he also document other vaccinations in the future, or can you go to the movies with flu, but not with Corona? Will it soon show whether I have a slightly elevated fever, herpes, athlete’s foot …? “

Another study found that the most educated people are the most reluctant to vaccinate and the least likely to get vaccinated. There has been a lot of discussion about how to get the unvaccinated to get vaccinated – by shaming, bribing, persuading or treating them as victims of misinformation and disinformation campaigns.

According to reports, the Austrian government is hiring people to hunt down vaccinators. Hunters who refuse vaccinations can receive 2774 euros as wages, which are paid 14 times a year.

This research work and studies show that the Covid vaccination regulations are neither scientifically nor health-politically sound. They show that these regulations have no general health benefit and can even be harmful.

Meanwhile, one of Ontario’s leading doctors has warned that the double-vaccinated people pose a threat to the triple-vaccinated people and advises those who have not yet received the third dose of the Covid-19 vaccine to consult with their elderly loved ones celebrate.


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