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January 12, 2022

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND — A 33-year-old woman chronicled her entire pregnancy on Instagram, eagerly anticipating the birth of her first child in October. Now she is the subject of the most heartbreaking story we’ve written in quite a while. And it’s all because she trusted the white coat gods.

Mrs. Stephanie Whitmore announced that she was pregnant with a baby girl on May 1. She captioned a photo with her husband, Mr. Eoin Whitmore, with “You, me and her #Babygirl.”

She continued posting updates, proudly displaying her tummy, and looking forward to motherhood.

Mrs. Whitmore posted a photo of her and Eoin on July 19, celebrating their fifth anniversary. She spoke about the realities of marriage and how their love is stronger than ever with a new addition to the family forthcoming.

She had a full-on pregnant belly by Week 30, August 29, as the big day was getting closer and closer.

Mrs. Whitmore reached the eight-month mark on September 7.

That week also marked the beginning of the end.

“I spoke to all the doctors”

Mrs. Whitmore does not mention or reference a job on Instagram in 2021. Thus it does not appear she faced any sort of mandates. But like everyone else in the Western world, she’s bombarded with COVID fearmongering and propaganda 24/7.

“I was pro-vaccine. I got medical advice…[on] what was the safest, most responsible action to take in order to keep my family and baby safe,” she wrote.

Mrs. Whitmore received her first Pfizer mRNA injection on September 13, at 32 weeks pregnant, according to her Instagram page. She reported no adverse effects, and “continued with life as usual.” Mrs. Whitmore received the second injection on October 4. She had a prenatal appointment on October 6. Like all the prior appointments, doctors found nothing wrong with her baby.

She posted a 36 weeks pregnant update on October 7.

They named the baby Isabella. A full-term pregnancy is 37 to 40 weeks, so Isabella could have been born at any time thereafter. Then tragedy struck.

“No words can describe the pain”

Mrs. Whitmore posted another photo of her belly on October 9, with the caption “I am counting down the days to meet you.”

But she noticed that little Isabella “wasn’t moving the way she usually would” that day. Mrs. Whitmore went for an ultrasound, and received the worst news possible for an expecting mother. Isabella was suffering from intraventricular hemorrhage – bleeding inside the brain’s ventricles. Mrs. Whitmore also mentioned a blood clot. There is currently no known therapy to stop the in utero bleeding, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Mrs. Whitmore delivered her stillborn daughter on October 16.

Doctors would not provide Mrs. Whitmore an explanation as to how and why this happened. “Because doctors were unable to identify the cause, I believe it was the vaccine,” she wrote in an Instagram thread.

Mrs. Whitmore did not post again on Instagram until November 16, one month after the stillbirth. Like most families who experience this, Mr. and Mrs. Whitmore are having an extremely difficult time coping with the loss.

The next day, she provided more details about the stillbirth, including that she was in labor for nearly 27 hours. She also delivered Isabella naturally. Mrs. Whitmore gave a lot of credit to Eoin and the strength of their marriage, for being able to persevere through it all.

Making matter worse, Mrs. Whitmore lost her father on January 6. She said her baby is gone because of bad advice from “professional medical doctors.” Mrs. Whitmore also said pregnant women should think twice before rolling up their sleeves.

“I wish I never had it, maybe [my] baby would be alive today,” she said.

Medical malpractice?

As of December 31, there are 2,560 stillbirths and spontaneous abortions reported in the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). If we extrapolate that using the Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare study conclusion that only 1% of adverse events are reported, then that means over 2.5 million post-injection stillbirths and spontaneous abortions. And nearly all of them are the result of people placing their trust and faith in the white coat gods.

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We’ve been keeping a close eye on Dr. Colleen Farrell. She is a fellow at Weill Cornell Medicine in New York. Dr. Farrell has 40,000 Twitter followers and thus, some level of influence. She announced on October 12 that she received her Pfizer booster shot; and that she is 28 weeks pregnant. Dr. Farrell said in no uncertain terms, “vaccines are safe in pregnancy,” a dangerous, blatant lie. The tweet garnered 37,000 “likes.”

Again, most full-term babies are born in 37 to 40 weeks. Dr. Farrell is in week 40 of her pregnancy right now. She averaged about three tweets per day from October 2021 to December 2021. But she has not tweeted once in January 2022, with her last tweet coming on December 27. We’re not going to speculate as to what might or might not be happening. Perhaps she’s happily spending time with her newborn. But this case is important for the overall narrative, regardless of outcome.

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Mrs. Whitmore waited until she was less than six weeks from giving birth, to receive the injections. It’s hard to make sense of the decision. Ultimately she is at fault. But once again, so-called “doctors” have sterilized yet another woman and killed another baby. We’ve been waiting for someone to contact COVID Legal USA, wishing to file a pro se lawsuit against a doctor who told them to get the injections, only to come down with a severe adverse reaction or worse.

This blogger once ghostwrote (for an attorney) the opening brief in a medical malpractice lawsuit. The victim was prescribed the wrong medication for their ailment, and ended up a quadriplegic.  It would be difficult articulating the standard of care for a post-injection medical malpractice lawsuit, particularly with so many vaxx zealot and ignorant judges. But there is now more than enough, to prove by a preponderance of evidence, that these injections are not safe for pregnant women. For the record, the quadriplegic case settled less than two months after we filed it.

If you’re still going to doctors in 2022, then you still have a lot of learn as to what is happening in this world. Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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