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A Sports Illustrated model shared her most “terrifying” experience of her life when she discovered that a stalker placed an Apple AirTag in her coat pocket. The person allegedly tacked the swimsuit model’s location for hours, and she only discovered the device when her iPhone alerted her about an “unknown accessory.” 

“I went to a restaurant, a popular spot in TriBeCa, a very upscale, safe neighborhood,” Brooks Nader, 26, told Fox News. “I go there all the time… I was at the bar waiting for some friends. It was early, like 45 minutes to an hour early. So I thought, I’ll have a little bite to eat while I wait for them. It’s winter so it’s freezing. I had my big winter coat with me and laid it on the bar stool. I did go to the bathroom once and I always take my purse with me. I didn’t take my coat because I assumed no one was going to steal it and I didn’t have anything inside of it.”

Five hours later, Nader was walking home when she received a notification from her Find My iPhone app that read an “Unknown Accessory Detected — This item has been moving for you for a while. The owner can see your location.”

 “I’m just honestly grateful that I got that notification from Apple. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known,” she said, adding that someone at the restaurant likely slipped the AirTag in her coat jacket while she was in the restroom. 

The incident occurred on Wednesday. Nader told her 800k followers on Instagram about the incident. “A ton of women told me, ‘Watch out, this happened to me, it’s an AirTag,'” said Nader

The use of AirTags for nefarious activities has been documented. We noted Canadian thieves used the tracking device to track and steal luxury vehicles


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