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New Findings on Coronavirus Disease and Treatment.

Please note : Patients are asked to consult a doctor.

What is Severe Covid Really?

Covid is a rather mild or even asymptomatic infection in most people: According to current studies, around a third of those who tested positive showed it never symptoms . The total hospitalization rate is about 1% to 3% and depends very much on age and previous state of health: it is far below 1% in children, but over 10% in older people.

So the real question is: what is severe Covid and how can it be prevented?

A fascinating one new preprint study by researchers from the University of Pennsylvania found that SARS-CoV-2 did not have to infect the lungs at all in mice to cause acute lung injury (ARDS), hypoxemia (low blood oxygen), and death. Instead, infection of the olfactory bulb in the nasal cavity was sufficient to cause hypoxemia and fatal covid lung injury.


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