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Earlier this month Sarah Boyle, whose husband is a pastor, took part in a freedom protest in York, England. In front of the camera of the She told the YouTube channel of the consequences of the Covid vaccine.

She said that we are currently in the greatest battle that has ever occurred. “Lots of people don’t see what’s going on. You get the shot: shot one, shot two, shot three, ”Boyle said. “They are stung until they get a vaccination certificate, and then they are slaves to the system.”

Usually a vaccine confers immunity. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and others have since stated that this vaccination does not offer immunity or prevent the spread of corona, Boyle said.

“Most of the people I know with Corona have been vaccinated twice or three times. You are very sick, ”she said. At the height of the pandemic, her husband had almost no funeral to attend.

One of her sons had to go to the hospital, which was practically deserted. She was immediately taken to the emergency room.

“Since the vaccine was introduced, my husband has attended one funeral after another,” she says. “People are now dying as a result of vaccine damage. Heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, myocarditis and later cancer. My husband receives one phone call after another. It’s tragic. “

“It’s not even a vaccine. It doesn’t work, it’s an experiment ”.


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