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Malaysia’s worst flash flooding in years left 200 people dead, 440,000 displaced, and one of the largest shipping ports in the world disrupted over the weekend. 

Operations at Malaysia’s Port Klang, Southeast Asia’s second-largest, handling more than 13 million twenty-foot equivalent units per year, has delayed delivery and vessel berthing due to damaged infrastructure at the port. 

According to the authority, heavy rainfall and flash floods have severely affected operations at Port Klang’s Northport, Westport and Southport terminals. The flooding has also hit warehouses, empty container depots and access roads. In addition, many port and logistics workers aren’t able to get to work because roadways are cut off. 

The authority warned that cargo movement is expected to be “severely affected,” and its operations will be delayed at least several days. Vessel berthing will also be delayed due to the foul weather, which has already created a backlog of vessels at the outer anchorage – and more ships are on the way. 

In the meantime, Port Klang Authority is working with local partners to make the best of the limited available resources. It is prioritizing movement of perishables and essential items, like medical supplies – The Maritime Executive

Floodwaters in the Klang Valley receded Sunday. Malaysian officials called the storm a once in one hundred year event. There’s no word on when the port will reopen. The shuttering of the port will continue to pressure global supply chains. 


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