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A second tennis star has suffered a fate similar to Novak Djokavic after her visa was canceled and she was forced to isolate herself in a quarantine hotel thinking she had received a vaccination waiver.

World number 1, Djokavic, is currently trapped in a hotel full of illegal immigrants, which his mother described as “full of fleas” after he was denied entry despite being granted an exemption to attend the Australian Open.

The exemption was approved by two different medical bodies, but Djokavic was interrogated for eight hours on landing and threatened with deportation after officials alleged his visa papers were out of order.

The controversy that sparked an international incident was almost certainly planned in advance as a cynical ploy to make an example of Djokavic and warn others.

Now the Czech doubles player Renata Voracova has fallen into the same trap.

“It was announced on Friday evening that her visa had been canceled and she was being held by Border Force officers at the Park Hotel in Carlton,” said the advertiser.

“The ABC reports that it is still unclear whether they will leave the country immediately or protest the decision in court.

It is believed that Voracova gave the same justification as Djokavic when applying for the vaccination exemption, namely “natural immunity” because she was infected with COVID in the past six months.

As part of its PR scam, however, the federal government is now trying to turn the tables by claiming that natural immunity is no longer a valid reason.

In addition, The Age reports that the Border Force is also pursuing “a third Australian Open participant, an officer who entered with the same vaccination exception.”

As we show in the video below, the whole farce is just a show trial to intimidate people into getting vaccinated, as Australia has established itself as the world’s leading police state when it comes to biosecurity.


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