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Schools in blue states make it clear to parents that they will use any dirty trick to vaccinate children – with or without parental consent.

Dr. Aaron Kheriarty, Fellow at the Ethics and Public Policy Center, spread the harrowing news on Twitter.

“The LA Unified School District vaccinates children without parental consent,” said Kheriarty. “You send your child home with a form, and when the child comes back to school – whether the form is signed or not – they consider the child’s presence in school to be ‘consent’.”

“This is a gross abuse and violation of state law and fundamental principles of medical ethics that disproportionately affects ethnic minorities,” he added. “The school authorities using these tricks are now informed. The public is sensitized. “

An example given by the doctor comes from the LAUSD. She says her child was vaccinated in exchange for pizza without her consent.

“Maribel Duarte says her 13-year-old son, a student at the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in South LA, brought home a vaccination card after accepting the COVID-19 vaccine at school,” reports NBC 4.

“She says he agreed when someone offered him the vaccination in exchange for pizza,” said the woman.

“The lady who gave him the syringe and signed the paper said to my son, ‘Please don’t say anything. I don’t want to get in trouble, ”the report continued.

“LAUSD says student affairs are confidential and did not specifically want to comment, but said their Safe Schools to Safe Steps Incentive Program is designed to ensure that several steps are taken so that vaccinated students can receive awards” the report continues. “Duarte says she is not against the vaccine. She has been vaccinated herself, but it is different with her son. “

“He has problems with asthma and allergies,” she said.

The NBC report adds that Jennifer Kennedy, an attorney who is closely following the two LAUSD cases for compulsory vaccination, says the problem is that children in California cannot consent to the vaccination. Ultimately, both are striving for an end to their mandate, according to the report.

“The LAUSD does not have the authority to add a vaccine to the California school schedule,” said Kennedy. “You couldn’t do it if you were a minor school district, and you can’t do it if you are LAUSD, the nation’s second largest district. You do not have this legal authority. “

The LA school district isn’t the only one in the nation where parents report such vaccinations behind their backs. One lawsuit alleges that a similar case took place in Louisiana.

“On October 20, 2021, a mobile vaccination team was on the East Jefferson High School campus,” the lawsuit said. “Unfortunately, several minors were vaccinated without their parents’ consent / permission.”

“One of those students was the son of Jennifer Ravain, a resident of Kenner, LA. Ms. Ravain and her son are represented by G. Shelly Maturin, II of G. Shelly Maturin, II, LLC law firm of Lafayette, LA, ”the lawsuit stated.

“The egregious and reckless actions of Ochsner and East Jefferson High School went well beyond legal and moral boundaries and at least constituted physical harm to the underage child,” Maturin continued. “Your actions should shake the conscience of all Louisiana citizens, and all legal avenues are used to ensure justice is done.”

“We hope that this kind of lawless behavior will stop immediately and that no other parents or children will have to go through this nightmare,” the lawsuit concluded. The school replied that it will take steps to ensure parental consent is followed more closely.

Obviously, it is not enough to abuse children by instilling them with a paranoid fear of invisible viruses that surround them and which, statistically, pose no threat to them if they are healthy. They will be forced to wear masks that CNN doctors refer to as “face jewelry.” And as we have seen, they will vaccinate children even without express permission, using all sorts of dirty tricks. These educators should be ashamed of themselves. But since they seem incapable of being ashamed, it is our job as parents to monitor them and hold them legally accountable.


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