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When in September 2021, after the two covid-19 ‘vaccinations’, the President of the EU Parliament contracted an infection with Legionella pneumophila, the preconditions were created for his death, which suddenly happened last night. Despite the summer period and the irrelevance of the Legionella bacterium, four months ago Sassoli fell ill with Legionella pneumonia, as he made it on video illo tempore with unequivocal public statements.
He had already talked about it on Database Italia in a previous article the director of Gospa News Fabio Carisio. The assumption, therefore, that those who are affected by immune system disorders following adverse events from the Pfizer Biontech vaccine, and therefore are exposed to the very rare serious consequences of this bacterium, is based on a logical evidence empirically emerged at the top of the institutions. European. Legionellosis, in fact, attacks the same sites that are targeted by Sars-Cov-2 and many of the symptoms are compatible.
The official news disseminated in the press on the death caused by dysfunctions in the immune system for the President of the European Parliament, further support the aforementioned hypothesis, which was actually solidly outlined by a scientific research published in October 2020 by two major universities. Chinese. The study (see link) highlights the risks of pulmonary immunopathology that logically derive from gene sera acting with spyke protein. I point out that if the scientific evidence underlying the aforementioned study were recognized by the scientific community in its entirety, this would lead all of us to be able to affirm that David Sassoli sacrificed himself, as would happen to many Italians who followed him in this sense, giving their own body to Science.
Pay attention: when consent has been given to a serological eugenic medical treatment, improperly defined as a ‘vaccine’ and not prescribed by any doctor, the implicit risk of receiving a drug in the body about which there is no certainty has been accepted. scientific studies regarding the danger of adverse effects in the medium to long term. However, now there are strong suspicions of adverse effects with very high lethality, albeit deferred in the medium and perhaps long term time compared to the moment of ‘inoculation’, and therefore, persevering in this’ generosity, would mean donating one’s body to ‘Science’ without no need. Being generous is very human, however to go beyond a certain mark would be foolish, while still persevering in such a great mistake would be diabolical.
I therefore hope that the scientific community will be able to establish, with timely diligence, the actual harmfulness of these drugs, admitting their mistakes before millions of Italians persevere in the sacrifice in favor of a ‘Science’ that would not even deserve the sacrifice of a puppy. Beagle. Human beings cannot be considered as biological material to be manipulated, with cynicism and cruelty that remind me more and more of incredible cathartic sacrificial rites typical of satanic religiosity.


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