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At a moment tensions between Moscow, Ukraine and NATO countries are on edge, Russia has condemned what it’s described as a severe attack on its main consulate in Lviv, the largest city in Western Ukraine. 

The Russian Foreign Ministry on Friday used the incident to charge Ukrainian authorities with enabling “an act of terrorism”. According to Reuters, “Russia’s foreign ministry summoned a Ukrainian official and demanded apologies from Ukrainian authorities” – however, Ukraine is calling it a random act of “hooliganism” and is downplaying the severity of the attack.

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Citing the foreign ministry statement, The Daily Mail reports, “The Kremlin said Friday that an attacker hurled a petrol bomb at the Russian consulate in the eastern Ukrainian city, formally protesting and demanding apologies from Kiev.”

“Footage of the incident shows a man throwing a Molotov which appears to bounce off the walls of the building before exploding on the ground,” the report detailed of CCTV footage. “The attacker then sprints away.”

Based on the footage, it does so far appear to be an isolate incident, but is likely a sign of more such potential attacks on Russian facilities to come.

The foreign ministry said it promptly summoned Ukraine’s charge d’affaires to explain the attack. Ukraine’s government says it’s investigating…

“The charge d’affaires of Ukraine in Russia was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, to whom a strong protest was made and demands were made for the Ukrainian side to fulfil its international obligations to ensure security and create appropriate conditions for the normal functioning of Russian diplomatic and consular missions,” the ministry said in a statement.

Specifically Moscow is now accusing officials in Kiev of stoking “Russophobic hysteria in Ukraine, inciting hatred and enmity towards the Russian Federation” – which led to the incident.

Ukraine’s leaders have been hyping Russia’s military presence on the other side of the border (with the charge being a “Russian force build-up” of over 100,000 troops on Russia’s own soil), saying the Kremlin is eyeing an invasion of eastern Ukraine at some point in January. 


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