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Initially, the guideline was “tachipirina and wait”, and this guideline was maintained because, according to the official view of the WHO, the EU and national governments, only vaccination could save the situation. The long struggle for “home care” has consisted of serious experiences, but these have been ignored by the media and rejected by the minister. The cures are there. After two years of experience, the doctors who treat patients are convinced: the most important thing is to intervene immediately, the means are there, and if you do well, you avoid hospitalization and, above all, the formation of blood clots that can lead to death.

But even in severe cases there was a valid way to save lives, as Dr. de Donno had demonstrated. After dramatic and suspicious death of the experienced doctor, it was early Plasma therapy for the recovered has been suspended: “It is no longer required and does not bring gains”

Now instead we go back to talking about it: Covid 19, we return to talk about hyperimmune plasma: “It can halve hospitalizations”


«A year and a half ago they called us ‘heroes’ because we were on the front line and did our job. We have never missed a commitment. But in fact they have not considered us and continue to ignore us ».
It has the disappointed tone of someone who just didn’t expect it,
Fabrizio Salvucci. It is one, Salvucci, who wears the lab coat by vocation: he is a cardiologist at the Pavia hospital, he does not stay still for a second, since the Coronavirus appeared (he even got it) he goes out of his way, to star behind it all. «We understood from the beginning that the most important thing is to intervene immediately, in the first few minutes. If you do it correctly, you avoid hospitalization and above all the formation of thrombi which unfortunately lead to death ». Salvucci is among supporters of home care and, let’s immediately clarify the point, indeed the two points. First: the therapies he talks about are serious, studied and developed by competent doctors. Which makes all the difference. He does not go into details for medical reasons, he talks about anti-inflammatory drugs, but let’s clear the field: the maremagnum of the most disparate concoctions has nothing to do with it, which is sponsored on certain online sites as the new panacea and then does the damage we know . Home care exists, and it is also sacrosanct: however it must be followed by health professionals. Second: affirming this does not mean belittling the vaccination campaign which remains the first and fundamental tool we have to send home ‘I’m blessed (so to speak) Covid-19.

Without that skin-saving injection, gentlemen, there’s no way out. “In Japan, for example,” continues the expert, “they used both monoclonal antibodies that the vaccines and the result are there to see: they have many infections, it is true, but very few deaths. For this reason it has generated a lot of amazement, among my colleagues and I, to read the guidelines on home care that the Ministry of Health issued on 20 November 2021 and which, essentially, are identical to those of the previous year. But how, then, nobody listens to us? ». Salvucci just didn’t like that reference to the minister’s “tachipirina and watchful waiting” Roberto Speranza (Leu) a month ago. And he didn’t even go down to the lawyer Erich Grimaldi, the president of the covid-19 home care committee, who, between yesterday and the day before yesterday, filed a couple of complaints (one at the Rome prosecutor’s office and one in the Bergamo one) to ask the judiciary to shed light on the management of the emergency and on the (non) involvement of general practitioners who have followed thousands of people at home and in telemedicine. Although the Senate also asked for it, nothing. When it came to putting ministerial protocols on paper, the doctors in the area (the “heroes” with whom Salvucci started) have ended up in oblivion. SOURCE

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