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from John W. Whitehead & Nisha Whitehead
translation©: Andreas Ungerer

January 27, 2021, The Rutherford Institute
Angry crowds. Martial law. A people under house arrest. Corporate technocracy crippling large parts of the country. A ruined constitution.

Between all the riots, lockdowns, political theater and COVID-19 ordinances, 2021 was a year for the history books.

In our constant pursuit of life, freedom and happiness, there were some stumbling blocks that captivated us:

Riots, Martial Law, and the Deep State Coup. On January 6, a simmering pot of political tension boiled over when demonstrators did this Stormed the Capitol because the jailer of their choice was not elected to continue beating heads for another four years. It didn’t take long for the country’s capital to be militarily cordoned off, online editorial forums restricted, and people with subversive or controversial views tracked down, investigated, discredited and / or avoided have been. The subsequent military occupation of the capital by 25,000 soldiers as part of the so-called “peaceful” transfer of power from a government


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