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Official documents from Germany, Great Britain and the USA reveal the insane transhumanist plans for future warriors. They also include gene editing, new types of vaccines, and brain-computer interfaces.

Recently the British and the deutsche Ministry of Defense shared a curious one Document published as the Russian news portal Geopolitica.ru announced.

Under the title “Human Augmentation – The Dawn of a New Paradigm” it deals with the possibilities of technological improvement of human abilities in order to optimize and expand the combat functions of soldiers.

As Geopolitica.ru further stated the British military has over the years 2017 and 2018 already published documents with such concepts. The new document was created as part of the technology program «Global Strategic Trends»Created by the UK Department of Defense, launched in 2018.

In the United States, the idea of ​​improving human skills for military purposes was introduced in a special as early as 1962 study discussed for the US Air Force. the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) of the Pentagon carries them out Programme for years.

Usually one speaks of three relatives species of improvement how Geopolitica.ru executes:

  • Physical improvement includes prostheses and aids such as exoskeletons and sensors that provide additional sensory functions.
  • The cognitive enhancement, which can include invasive brain-computer interfaces and neurostimulation devices that directly effect changes in the brain (using electrical pulses, magnets, and ultrasound).
  • Biological improvement, which includes gene editing, pharmaceutical drugs, and new types of vaccines.

According to the British-German document, people should be viewed as “platforms” with three elements to be developed: the physical, the psychological and the social.

The document defines human augmentation as “the application of science and technology to temporarily or permanently improve human performance”.

A distinction is made between human optimisation (human optimization) that «can improve human performance to the limit of biological potential without adding new skills», and human enhancement (human enlargement), which can “take people beyond the limit of biological potential”.

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the RAND Corporation – a think tank close to the US defense industry – deals with this second category in theirs Document “Technological Approaches to Human Performance Enhancement” published this year. Accordingly, the category includes human enhancement

“(D) as addition of reptilian genes that enable infrared vision”.

It is not clear from the US document or the studies mentioned how far this specific research has progressed. But in one publication from Center for Technology and National Security Policy (CTNSP) from 2010, for example, reports on goats that produce the protein for making spider silk in their milk.“Prime Creator of the Earth” warns of the extermination of humans and reptilians !? (Video))

The publication states that the most frequently cited military use of spider silk is bulletproof clothing. Unfortunately, it is difficult to breed spiders and harvesting natural spider silk is impractical. Using a genetic approach to solving this problem, scientists would have identified the spider genes responsible for the fibroin proteins that make up spider silk:

“By cloning these genes and implanting them in goats, goats can produce spider silk fibroins in their milk.”

The British-German document goes on to say:

«We want the warriors – whether they are cyber specialists, drone pilots or infantry soldiers – to be stronger, faster, more intelligent, more resilient and more mobile in order to overcome the environment and the enemy. … As technology has matured, our thinking has focused more on machines than humans, but that has to change if we are to be effective in the future ».

Advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, and autonomy would mean that machines would quickly overtake human processing power, speed of action, and endurance, the authors explain. But they admit that machines “have their own weaknesses”. Humans have an advantage in terms of creativity and judgment, but they need to be improved to better capitalize on advances in these areas.

“The winners of future wars will not be those with the most advanced technology, but those who are able to most effectively integrate the unique capabilities of man and machine. … Human Augmentation represents the missing piece of the puzzle, ”is how the authors explain their concept.

The document also addresses the concept of high-end augmentation one. It describes and discusses four “core human augmentation technologies” that are crucial for research in this area: genetic engineering, bioinformatics, brain interfaces and pharmaceuticals.

The use of armed forces is increasingly being called into question by the proliferation of precision weapons with a long range. The solution lies in the increased use of unmanned systems in connection with lighter, more mobile and more versatile ground troops, according to the authors. With the help of brain interfaces, the emergency services would be able to “increase their combat strength by being networked with autonomous and unmanned systems”.

The increasing use of computers and artificial intelligence in warfare also means that “the cognitive load on staff is likely to increase, especially on those entrusted with command and control.” The authors suggest that “bioinformatics” – the examination and analysis of large amounts of biological data – can help in the recruiting phase to “identify commanders and employees with the right aptitude for leadership and control functions”. The document also says:

“Brain interfaces, drugs and gene therapy could play an important role in optimizing and improving leadership skills. In the short term, non-invasive brain interfaces could improve performance by using them to monitor cognitive load, develop better processes, and improve education. … In the longer term, brain interfaces could network the brains within a headquarters and thus provide a completely shared operational picture that improves the quality and speed of decision-making. “

Such snipping around the genes is obviously not without danger. This is what the authors of the RAND Corporation-Publication that inserting the genes can damage other genes or alter their regulation, with potentially serious side effects, such as cancer. Or there could be immune reactions to the vector that was used to introduce the gene. Genes could even be deleted or changed.

With the general ethical issues of human augmentation the authors of the British-German document explicitly do not concern themselves because “these are rightly still the subject of a broader debate”. On the other hand, they put forward clear arguments in favor of military use. In particular, it means that:

«[d]he defense […] can’t wait for ethics to change before addressing human augmentation, we need to be in the conversation from the start to inform the debate and understand how ethical views are evolving. … [W]e cannot assume that Human Augmentation will automatically be effective or accepted in its intended use, no matter how beneficial its effects may be. Human augmentation can be rejected by sections of society that do not trust the effectiveness and motives for improvement. “

The most transformative technologies were currently at a relatively low level of maturity, but society had to be prepared for this to change. Military developments in this area should not be based on questions of public consent or ethical debates, but rather “on national interests in relation to prosperity, security and protection”.

It also argues that working with industry and academia will be critical to understanding how emerging technologies can be used or developed to enhance human defensive skills. The authors suggest that the relationship between the military and the ministries responsible for health and welfare should be reconsidered, and that a move towards a “more differentiated relationship between the public and private sectors” should be made.

In other words, notice Geopolita.ru, an alliance between tech companies, scientists, the government and the military is warranted while keeping the general public out as if these issues do not concern them.

Anticipating people’s outrage, the authors write:

“Successful use of human augmentation requires the Department of Defense and society to face uncomfortable ethical and legal dilemmas. So far, the defense organizations in the liberal democracies have taken a wait-and-see attitude and wanted to await the ethical debate and technical developments. With this passive stance, we let our opponents take precedence and miss the opportunity to improve the well-being and efficiency of our armed forces. “

Geopolitica.ru also indicates a review of the document by Chris Cole:

“The argument made in this report that we are weak and ineffective in the face of sophisticated and deadly enemies is far from new. It has been used for centuries to develop and sell tools that increase our lethality and reach to use lethal force around the globe. However, there is a qualitative difference between equipping a soldier with a night vision device or a high-powered rifle and implanting a computer interface in the brain of a drone pilot to improve data processing … And that before we get to the idea of ​​somatic genetic engineering, about the pain threshold to lower or increase cognition. “

Below the surface, humanity itself would be called into question Geopolitica.ru fixed. Because the human augmentation is done under the guise of eliminating certain weaknesses in order to become more deadly and to be able to use more organized violence.

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Sources: PublicDomain /corona-transition.org am 20.12.2021

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