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by Jon Rappoport, No More Fake News:

During the Supreme Court’s oral arguments over the Biden vaccine mandates, Justice S-Protein issued this gem:

“We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition and many on ventilators.”

Even the Washington Post had to admit this was sheer bloviation: “According to HHS data, as of Jan. 8 there are about 5,000 children hospitalized in a pediatric bed, either with suspected covid or a confirmed laboratory test. This figure includes patients in observation beds. So Sotomayor’s number is at least 20 times higher than reality, even before you determine how many are in ‘serious condition’.”

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Senator Rand Paul suggested Soto the Great might be getting her numbers from that serial liar, Fauci.

Also, during the Court hearing, Justice Clarence Thomas asked, “Is a vaccine the only way to treat COVID?” Unless he was making a joke, he’s been living in cave for the past two years.

BUT these and other remarks from Justices did something unexpected. They opened the door to a discussion of the mandates based on the merits, on facts, on whether the mandates are scientifically justified.

From now on, other court challenges to the mandates can refer to the Supremes—attorneys can try to introduce evidence that the mandates are medically and scientifically insane.

Many legal loons, you see, have argued, for years, that governments can command the citizenry to do anything short of jumping off high rooftops—because in the interest of public safety, and during a declared Emergency, official powers are unlimited. And the standard for imposing mandates is simply: the government believes it is doing the right thing.

That brutal shut door has now been opened a crack, owing to the crackpot assertion issuing from the mug of Ms. Soto Bozo.

She Whose Nose Grows Longer has done us all a service.

Of course there are other mandate issues here: the federal colossus ripping away freedom from the people; the central government overriding the Constitutional powers of the States; religious exemptions; the appointing of OSHA to oversee regulation-and-enforcement, a task the agency was never created to carry out.

But now one more obvious factor has been introduced. Does the SUBSTANCE of the mandates make any sense at all?

Reported COVID vaccine injuries have just passed the one-million mark. The well-known Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare study concluded such reports should be multiplied by 100 to arrive at a true figure.

What would you expect to happen, in the way of injury and death, if the Biden vaccine mandates are upheld and made air tight in every nook and cranny of the country?

And what would you expect to happen as the number of vaccine-refusers then grows and grows—because there are a whole lot of people who just don’t like to be pushed around, especially when severe health damage is the result.

The feds are going to book rooms in every venue from the Ritz all the way down to the Seedy Hooker Motel 12, to house resisters from Nome to Key West?

“President Biden welcomes you. Here is your key. A security guard will take you down the hall. Don’t try to escape. The canine patrol will hunt you down.”

Maybe the old wobbly on-again-off-again deranged occupant of the Oval Office can’t see the consequences of his actions, but his string-pullers can. Big-time blowback day after day would not be their favorite breakfast cereal.

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