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MP Pepijn van Houwelingen (FVD) shared a document on social media that was released following parliamentary questions about the government’s relationship with the World Economic Forum (WEF).

It’s about a letter from Prime Minister Rutte to Klaus Schwab, the founder and director of the WEF. He is responding to an invitation from Schwab to the 48th WEF in Davos.

Rutte writes, among other things, that the WEF is very important to the Dutch government and that relations between the forum and our country are excellent. The Prime Minister believes that the participation of our senior officials and ministers in the activities of the WEF “will be of great value”.

For his part, Rutte invited Schwab to an informal lunch in The Hague to discuss the matter. “I look forward to our stimulating and productive discussions,” said the Prime Minister.

Van Houwelingen said the published documents on our government’s relationship with the WEF were “very instructive”. “The ministers are not the only ones involved in the WEF. So senior Dutch officials are also involved.

Former stock market commentator Willem Middelkoop speaks of a “very close and worrying relationship”:

In the meantime, letters of invitation from the WEF have also appeared on the Internet.

Letters of invitation for the WEF meeting in January 2021 have been published online and show that the WEF is continuing its global “Great Reset” agenda. The letters of invitation were sent to several Dutch ministers such as Sigrid Kaag (Minister for Foreign Trade) and Wopke Hoekstra (Minister of Finance) to invite them to the annual WEF meeting while underlining their importance and contribution to the Great Reset Agenda.

In the invitation letters we read lines like: “Your contribution to the work of the Great Reset will be particularly important” and “Your participation will be an important force in shaping the Great Reset”. It appears from this letter that the Netherlands will play a strong role in shaping the future of the global trading system as its presence at the annual WEF meeting is vital.

This is massive evidence on paper for the participation of the WEF in shaping global economic policy without this policy being discussed in parliaments. Massive agreements, if that’s true.


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