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On the WDR Instagram channel “climate.neutral”, young people are trimmed for power outages. Motto: Relaxed into the blackout. The consequences of a power failure due to EEG and the shutdown of power plants are grotesquely played down. Candles and stock are advised.

WDR was criticized for a post on power outages on the “climate.neutral” Instagram channel. The BILD (Tuesday) said the chairwoman of the CDU/CSU SME association, Gitta Connemann: “A breakdown in the power supply can mean death for people. What does the WDR say to a person in need of care who is being ventilated at home?

This is either sarcasm or ignorance unsurpassed. Contribution payers earn more.” In her criticism, Connemann referred to the article “Relaxed in the blackout”, which gives tips for possible power failures.

Christian Endress, Managing Director of the “Alliance for Security in Business” warned BILD: “The main and direct effects are the loss of heating in winter, cooling in summer, electric light, telephone, internet, radio/TV reception, the food storage by cooling or freezing as well as the possible loss of drinking water supply,” he told BILD.(In 2023 Germany is threatened with a power shortage)

“Then, among other things, the disposal of faeces by flushing the toilet would no longer be guaranteed. After a short time, for example, high-rise buildings would have to be completely evacuated due to the threat of an epidemic. This creates an enormous need for emergency shelters.”

Christian Kromberg, head of the regulatory department and responsible for the fire brigade in Essen, also considers the representation to be inappropriate: “In the case of a widespread and prolonged blackout, there are quickly major problems. The power goes out for ventilators in the private sphere, and without the oxygen people quickly find themselves in mortal danger!”

“Only embarrassing!” Says former Secretary of State for Economic Affairs Thomas Bareiß (CDU) to BILD. “WDR gives the impression that Blackout is the new party highlight.

According to the motto, bring candles and a good mood. Blackouts are a very serious issue. Economical, climate-friendly and, above all, secure in supply – that must remain the goal for future energy policy.” (Power grid at its limit – risk of blackout in 2022 is higher than ever before (video))

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The post suggests something like: “Basic supply for ten days. Groceries: Fresh and canned goods that can also be eaten cold.” Or: “Water: Not only in bottles for drinking, but also for washing, cooking, rinsing”… Cash supplies are also important because machines cannot work.

And: “Flashlights, candles, matches, lighters” should be at home, “Batteries & power banks” and a “battery-operated or crank radio to keep up to date”…

When asked by BILD, WDR said: “The channel always gives very specific tips for everyday life. This is also the case in this case: the post provides tips – regardless of what caused the blackout – on how to behave in the event of a power failure.”

The blackout will come! Why only one?

What was derided yesterday as a conspiracy theory is no longer denied by the mainstream, but predicted. But there is always talk of »one« blackout, of a singular event, as if a widespread power failure had the cleansing effect of an unloading thunderstorm. Once suffered through, this danger would then be banned for months. But unfortunately that is not the case. What happens if Germany enters a phase of prolonged blackouts?

A “perfect storm” was brewing in Germany. There are so many factors pointing to an imminent blackout that it is difficult to predict which complex will be the cause. Many independent experts are certain that the question is no longer whether a blackout will occur, but when.

Climate policy has now degenerated into what could be observed in the preparations for the establishment of the Corona dictatorship. Incidences are reported that are not based on facts, but are charged with ideological zeal. Although the earth has changed constantly since its existence and nature with it, a left-green united front now claims to get global warming under control with forced interventions.

With the exception of the AfD, this sectarian madness has affected all parties, of course this is again taking place under the propaganda fire protection of the mainstream media. Detlef Flintz is one of these snipers, he is a TV editor at WDR and abuses over 8 billion euros in forced contributions to spread his ideology.(Are winter power outages starting now? 40,000 people affected in the Rhein-Sieg district)

In the “news program” Tagesthemen from the re-education channel ARD, he spread the Agenda of his peers:

»Only if oil and gas become noticeably more expensive will we get global warming under control.«

No further comments are necessary at this point.

However, a socialist planned economy is superfluous at this point. The federal government’s disastrous energy policy is already driving electricity and gas prices to unprecedented heights. Yes, the completely headless and hasty so-called energy transition is only now beginning to unfold its full destructive power.

Internal EU reports are already calling for precautions, not with regard to how these energy shortages and the price shock can be remedied, but rather how the EU should react to the expected mass demonstrations. The Yellow Vests movement in France has provided a lasting shock to European elites.

This is also one of the reasons why those pulling the strings in Germany, after the successful mass demonstrations of unconventional thinkers last summer, pounded on the government critics with all their might: martial police operations, state defamation and criminalization by politicians and their henchmen in the Office for the Protection of the Constitution were as if from the decomposition guide of the State security executed by system-compliant media.

However, skyrocketing energy prices and the new German normality of power cuts can no longer be concealed or reinterpreted. Every citizen is forced to live through this disaster every day.

Left-wing extremists attack the power supply

In the metropolis of Munich, a targeted left-wing extremist terrorist attack on the power supply took place in May. In addition, a thick power cable that had been exposed due to construction work became the scene of an arson attack, which triggered a massive power outage in the city. In Berlin, too, left-wing extremists regularly carry out attacks on the capital’s infrastructure. This new approach is spreading and can also be observed in other left-wing strongholds such as Hamburg and Leipzig.

So far, the police have caught almost no perpetrator of this RAF 2.0. The motivation is to be found in a sick ideology that seems to lie somewhere between a violent socialist revolution and sabotage by the hated state, its infrastructure and the German economy.

»Cyber ​​attacks on supply chains are the next big trend«

And as if this situation wasn’t already explosive enough, the experts at the industrial insurer AGCS, which belongs to Allianz, are warning of an increase in cyber attacks on supply chains and infrastructure. Remember the attack in May, when hackers took control of the systems of US gasoline supplier Colonial Pipeline, massively disrupting the supply of gasoline to the entire US east coast.

The cyber attacks are now becoming ever more massive and the damage ever greater. Experts spoke of up to 7,000 euros, which were demanded by hackers for online blackmail 5 years ago. “Today we are already seeing claims in the amount of 50 million dollars.” “Attacks on supply chains are the next big trend,” says AGCS manager Jens Krickhahn.

This statement illustrates the madness in which we now live. And “attacks on energy security” are not only part of the agenda of left-wing extremists and criminal hackers, without a doubt one could also write this headline about the party programs of the CDU/CSU, SPD and the Greens.

The supporters of the green sect will establish themselves at the control centers of this country with the installed traffic light government. For those ideologues, the real sovereign of this country is just a malleable mass that needs to be re-educated. Whether with constant propaganda via the media about the approaching climate apocalypse, through coercion with taxes or through direct bans – the eco-socialists have no inhibitions to unleash the entire arsenal of a totalitarian state on the citizens.

The economic leaders in the country only made the green triumphal march possible through their pandering and capitulation to green ideology. Their awakening will be painful, as will the people of the country. It’s also not just a question of when the blackout will come, but how many blackouts it will take to rise up against the green ideologues.

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Sources: PublicDomain/mmnews.de am 14.01.2022

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