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The 2030 Agenda for Education is global obedience training for humanity from preschool through adulthood. A mind control agenda in 110 countries, supported by billions.

The extent of the agenda uncovered in this report is so astounding, so far-reaching and so harmful to the entire world that I feel it is necessary to introduce it in the first person before I go into each chapter. Time is of the essence, getting this information to every corner of the world as quickly as possible. It’s about a mind control, obedience training and brainwashing operation that the globalists have been working on for several decades and that they have been implementing at full speed since 2016. With the exception of a small number of people who only touch a fraction of the overall agenda, they rolled out their master plan while distracting us with much smaller battles. It is about the psychological selection of the population in order to include everyone in the 2030 Agenda with a single mindset and a single level of obedience that is tracked, controlled and assessed – and all of this is disguised as an “embedded” PreK-12 school program, which includes parental involvement and a lifelong journey of “learning” for all under the new “global citizenship”, including adults. Even more troubling is a second agenda, linked to the first, based on their version of “Spirituality” to create a whole new belief system steeped in dark practices and disguised as love and acceptance of all religions. It’s like the world is being hypnotized.

A few weeks ago I visited a friend who told me a story about her daughter’s experience at school. She said that the school was launching a new program to help children with mental health problems because Covid-19 duties and restrictions had caused so much depression in children. Her daughter’s teacher, who is neither a counselor nor a psychologist, explained to the children that no one will love them unless they love themselves and that no one will believe in them unless they believe in themselves. Most people would hear this and say, “This is so true, we have to love ourselves,” but they didn’t get the other part of the message. However, your daughter did not ignore him. She raised her hand and told the teacher that she disagreed on both points. She explained that while she doesn’t love herself, she knows that her mother always loves her and that makes her feel better. The teacher said, “And that’s why you love yourself”. Her daughter replied, “No, I don’t. It only makes me feel better. It’s the same with believing in myself. I don’t always believe in myself and get nervous when I have to go on stage, but I look at my mom and she tells me she believes in me and then I feel better. But I don’t believe in myself. ”Smart girl.

As she walked out of the classroom and came home, she realized that it is really awful for a teacher to teach kids that if they don’t love themselves, no one will love them. At a time when children are depressed and suicide rates are rising, and these teachings are supposedly being made to help children, she thought, what about those who may be suicidal? Imagine receiving this message and being told that nobody loves you or that nobody believes in you? It’s all just psychological terror.

I asked my friend what this “program” was exactly and started looking at it that evening. What began as an attempt to find out who is behind this and how far they have taken it turned into countless hours and days of tracking down a never-ending trail of funds pumped into that agenda, discovering the additional agenda, and finally saw her whole game in this massive, psychological endeavor to control the entire population. Even for me – with all the agendas I’ve uncovered – has this shot the bird down.

After a week I had already put together over 40 pages of research notes delving into every column of what this large-scale agenda is really about, who runs it, finances it, created it, how many poor it actually has, how far they are with it, which devices they intend to use, where it is developing and how everything is with the digital identity, the social point system and the full surveillance and tracking of every human being through these pre-existing mechanisms.

I quickly realized that this is not just about the children or transforming the entire educational system into a mind control model. It is a full-scale operation for the whole population to adapt to a mindset and belief system with controlled obedience to build a global citizen workforce that works on demand and is activated by virtual and augmented reality. These programs are just the beginning. It is the framework they can sell to parents to convince them to raise their own children while raising themselves without even realizing it. It’s a “whole family” and “whole community” program, but schools are the gateway. It is the mechanism that they use, with the help of counselors, educators, doctors, and companies, who also fall for this illusion. Racial Critical Theory is another form of brainwashing that needs to end, but it distracts from its true agenda, which runs through entire curricula, both in and out of school, and is so sophisticated that it can Average eye doesn’t even recognize them. It is enveloped in subtleties, reverse psychology, emotional charges, and is conveyed in a way that inspires children and gives parents hope. This veil must be lifted.

They have already invested billions in this matter, produced the industry, staged their appearance, sold this “new vision” of education for the fourth industrial revolution to countless parents, educators, companies and children, familiarized themselves with the legislation, skimmed off Covid aid funds, Established global councils, commissions, and funding committees and operates in over 110 countries including the United States. It’s that big. And now they want $ 400 billion in “free preschool” obedience training through the Build Back Better law in the US, where these programs are being prepared for potentially rolling out in all 50 states. That is why they want free pre-school education. The US Department of Education, the US Department of Health, the CDC and other agencies are already working with the globalists. You can’t even imagine the range they have reached right under our noses until you read this full review.

They are so adept at wording, marketing, and buying and convincing policymakers to make the world believe this is the way forward, that 99% of the population have no idea what this is really about or that it even started … until it’s too late. The surveillance systems are already in place, the social scoring is already in place, and all they need is that final push to control the minds and livelihoods of millions – and the switch is flipped. Lights out. This is how fast they can get on with all of this if people aren’t made aware of the bigger picture – the whole agenda. Being aware of this is the first step in not giving in. It is admirable to crack down on school authorities, but the reality is that they have already targeted public schools, charter schools, after-school programs, summer camps, virtual schools and distance learning, educators, and even venturing into businesses. A word about it: homeschool. If you are in a relationship with someone who is abusing you, do you stick around and keep trying to negotiate less spanking, or do you end the relationship? Establish homeschooling programs with other parents.

Any form of compliance, downloading a vaccination pass app or creating a digital identity will advance that agenda faster. If millions of people fail to keep vaccination records and choose to attend home schooling, they will no longer have access to implement this mind control agenda. Of course, they will continue their efforts on other fronts, but this is the front they most want and need to get everything through.

There are still some lawmakers fighting for human rights, some who need a fire under their bum, and some who are just plain corrupt. Show this full report to the first two groups and make some noise. Share this report with all the media you know, friends, family members, co-workers, parents, communities, and people in other countries. If people can’t see through the illusions the globalists have created, they will never understand what to expect – until it hits them in the face, and then it will be too late for all of us. THIS agenda is about EVERYONE and it should be much easier to get across and provide clear evidence of it than many other agendas. But this is the one size Agenda. This is the way they want to alter the mind through their ultimate mind control programming and hook us all into their systems.

Understand that they are already performing this operation in 110 countries including the US. They not only want a “lifelong vaccination”, but also “lifelong” obedience training for everyone. This is the psychological part of their plan, and everyone’s digital identity in the blockchain for complete control is the physical element that builds our enslavement system. That’s what your tax dollars are used for – control of your mind and your livelihood. Time is of the essence. If they win the heads, they win this battle. Without obey and obedience, they will fail. Let me repeat that – without compliance and obedience, globalists will fail.

This report will be published in several chapters over the next few weeks. The entire report will be available for download in the bookshop as a single PDF document as soon as it is published in its entirety. The section on private sector financing alone is more than 14 pages long, and it does not include the section on federal and state financing. The number of organizations and actors involved is already over 300, and that is just the short list.


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