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They can’t always squirm out and just walk away, the rich and important of this world. That is so subtly the tenor in many articles and readers’ comments.

Prince Andrew, the British Queen’s favorite son, thought he could get away with it. Certainly an embarrassment, but he would never stand in court like a stupid commoner. He, the king’s son, son of one of the richest in the world! from dieunbestechlichen.com

Well, yes it is. A little teenager it was then, the young girl that Jeffrey Epstein had made available for the amusement of his friend the prince. Pretty, young blood – but unfortunately not of legal age. And that falls on the feet of the royal scion now.

His Royal Highness had casually moved to dismiss an abuse lawsuit filed by this then-young girl. Solicitors for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s court had called for Virginia Giuffre’s civil suit to be dismissed.Epstein’s Pedo Network ‘Pyramid Plan of Abuse’: Maxwell Condemns – What the Media is Covering Up!)

You were sure of victory. The victim of Jeffrey Epstein’s molestation ring made a deal with the scandal-ridden billionaire in 2009: $500,000 not to sue Jeffrey Epstein or any other “potential suspect” for the sexual offenses she suffered.

This agreement was secret and only recently came to light when Crown lawyers argued Ms. Giuffre agreed with this agreement waived their right to sue.

nothing there found US Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan. Firstly, the agreement does not apply to Prince Andrew and secondly, the text of the agreement is more than just full of ambiguities and unclear formulations. One wonders what a filthy rich guy like Epstein might have been thinking.

He was certainly well aware that he was churning out criminal charges of child abuse, human trafficking, rape, coercion, etc. (Maxwell and Epstein were suspected Mossad agents who used underage honey traps to blackmail politicians and VIPs (video))

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He sure has an armada of top-notch lawyers and on the one hand he’s stuffing half a million into the pocket of what he considers an unimportant brat, but on the other hand he’s saving the money to have his lawyers make a watertight deal?

After reviewing the agreement, Judge Kaplan found that it could not be inferred from the text whether Prince Andrew was also involved in the agreement.

Otherwise, the judge explained, only those persons who are parties to the contract can invoke and enforce the provisions of a contract. So the people who signed.

(According to this legal opinion, the German GEZ, aka contribution service, could not charge a cent at all. And under German law, a contract like Jeffrey Epstein concluded with Virginia Giuffre would be void “ex tunc”, i.e. from the beginning, due to immorality. )

Now things are not looking good for the royal offspring Prince Andrew. Although he “resolutely” rejects the allegations, it will do him no good. Photos showing him alongside Mr Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell have long existed. There’s a photo where he’s half-turned, smiling at the camera with Virginia Giuffre in his arms and his hand on the young girl’s waist, while Gislaine Maxwell looks at the camera in the background.

And in a private atmosphere. His Royal Highness, Prince Andrew, has been completely out of the public eye for some time after giving a truly botched interview in which he appeared unconvincing and instead arrogant and perplexed.(Epstein case: Obama judge in Maxwell trial is a member of Quill & Dagger secret society)

The interview was supposed to be a liberation, but Prince Andrew got more and more entangled in contradictions and stupid, untenable claims and talked his head and neck.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on Judge Kaplan’s comments. Reason: This is an ongoing procedure. It’s probably the best the crown can do. Nobody believes that Prince Andrew is an innocent lamb anymore. He’d said with an outraged gesture that he’d never met young Virginia for a tryst, but investigation revealed his stated alibis weren’t real.

Exactly at the times given by Virginia Giuffre, then Virginia Roberts, he had the right gaps in his otherwise tight schedule in the USA and was not, as usual, accompanied by someone from his bodyguard.

The now 38-year-old claims that at the time, as a 16-17-year-old, she was trained to be a sex slave by the now allegedly deceased multi-billionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his former partner Ghislaine Maxwell and taken to the British Prince Andrew for his pleasure. But she was not the only one, but one of dozens of underage girls.

Another young woman, Johanna Sjoberg, who was also one of the young women Jeffrey Epstein allowed his celebrity friends to “use” also accused Prince Andrew of abusing her.Maxwell mimics victim, husband has disappeared and ex-Barclays boss denies encoded “Snow White” emails with Epstein)

There is no doubt that Prince Andrew is up to his ears in human trafficking and child sex trafficking. Since Tuesday a week ago, a civil court in New York has been hearing about the allegations against the British Queen’s son and about a trial.

All this damages the prestige and splendor of the British monarchy immensely. When the Queen first heard about the allegations, she must have been extremely angry. She was “not amused” and that’s the least one can say about her reaction, according to the press. At least it was still possible to refute the allegations. Hope may now die a public death.

Public opinion has long been against him. A criminal case against a member from the heart of the royals is the last thing the crown needs after the bad rumors about Lady Diana’s death, the antics of her sons, the fuss about the capricious Meghan, Prince Harry’s estranged wife and her upcoming divorce.

The Queen couldn’t help it. More than 150 senior British military veterans from the Royal Navy, the Army and fighter pilots had called on the Queen to relieve Prince Andrew of his military honours, ranks and roles.

He does not meet the associated high standards of honorable conduct. Any other senior military officer would be out of office. In fact, the Queen responded immediately.

Yesterday she withdrew from her former favorite son Prince Andrew all military ranks and relieved him of all his patronage. The king’s son must and will defend himself in the process in the USA as a private, ordinary citizen.

He will no longer hold any royal duties or functions in the future, Buckingham Palace said in a brief statement. He is also stripped of his royal salutation “His Royal Highness”, reports the British media.

In order to prevent the worst, namely a scandal-ridden court case with daily juicy details, Andrew could only offer the plaintiff Virginia Giuffre millions in compensation in an out-of-court settlement, estimates the well-known British media lawyer Mark Stephens. The prominent lawyer estimates

that Andrew for an out-of-court settlement would have to offer plaintiff Virginia Giuffre five to ten million pounds (six to twelve million euros). The obstacle: ‘Mrs. Giuffre will want her day in court’.

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This is also made clear by one of the lawyers for the American. “It is very important to Virginia Giuffre that this matter be resolved in a way that brings justice to her and the other victims,” ​​David Boies told the BBC.

The trial of Prince Andrew will likely begin in the fall of 2022 if there is no agreement with the plaintiff beforehand.

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Sources: PublicDomain/dieunbestechlichen.com am 14.01.2022

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