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The Holy See is once again promoting Big Pharma’s experimental shot to his legions of followers in the Catholic Church, this time telling them that getting an mRNA jab is a “moral obligation.”

Addressing over 180 countries during a speech at the Vatican Monday, Pope Francis, 85, told Catholics they were obligated to take the so-called vaccines as a duty to their fellow man.

“This translates into respect for the health of those around us. Health care is a moral obligation,” he said Monday.

“Vaccines are not a magical means of healing,” Francis admitted. “Yet surely they represent, in addition to other treatments that need to be developed, the most reasonable solution for the prevention of the disease,” he claimed, ignoring preventative treatment protocols that have been proven successful.

The pope’s pro-vaccine comments come despite the fact the vaccines were developed using aborted fetal cell lines, which the Vatican’s Covid advisory board in the past has perplexingly endorsed as “morally acceptable” for Catholics.

Elsewhere in Monday’s speech, the Pontiff bashed anti-vaxxers for supposedly spreading “baseless information or poorly documented facts,” claiming these reports contribute to a lack of confidence in the experimental jabs.

“Frequently people let themselves be influenced by the ideology of the moment, often bolstered by baseless information or poorly documented facts,” he said, adding that the public needs a “reality therapy” intervention in order to strengthen “the bond of human reason with the objective reality of things.”

The pro-communist Bishop of Rome added that countries around the nation should pledge to support the United Nations’ Chinese Communist Party-backed World Health Organization, as well as the World Trade Organization in order to distribute vaccines more efficiently.

“It is appropriate that institutions such as the World Trade Organization and the World Intellectual Property Organization adapt their legal instruments lest monopolistic rules constitute further obstacles to production and to an organized and consistent access to health care on a global level,” he said.

As has been the case throughout the past few years, the Pope is once again leveraging his massive influence over devout and religious Catholics to cajole them into unquestioningly taking the vaccines, ignoring thousands of reports of adverse reactions and deaths attributed to the experimental jab.

Pope Francis last year described getting a Covid-19 jab as “an act of love.

“Getting the vaccines that are authorized by the respective authorities is an act of love,” the pope said just a few months ago, adding, “And helping the majority of people to do so is an act of love.”

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