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Anyone who has spoken of “Umvolkung” or the “Great Reset” up to now has either been branded a conspiracy theorist or an extremist – or both.

A change in the population structure was more likely to have happened by chance, demography also does its part. And anyway: don’t we also need the large numbers of immigrants? This is how the mainstream press has been spreading it since 2015 at the latest in harmony with the rulers.

Now it becomes clear: Everything is a lie, the population is coming, the German traffic light coalition agreement is nailing it!

“Our country will change and I’m looking forward to it”, promised the Green front woman Kathrin Göring-Eckardt on the occasion of a Green Party Congress in November 2015, the year in which almost two million illegals through the illegal activity were simply allowed to go to Germany by Angela Merkel. (Hungarian secret service: migrants prepare civil war in Germany (video))

Nothing new in the thoughts of the Greens and the SPD also defended the actions of the German head of government at the time. Now both parties are in power themselves, and together with the formerly liberal FDP they will steer the fortunes of Germany as a traffic light coalition.

A Coalition agreement has now summarized – and disclosed – the first declarations of intent on everything that you want to change. A lot can be said about the coalition agreement, just as much asked, for example: who should pay for everything that should be implemented. Interesting, rather frightening, is something else.

The coalition agreement speaks of a “new beginning” and continues the Merkel line

The work comprises 178 pages full of letters of intent, demands, but few concrete changes. However, with one exception, one chapter stands out: In the chapter with the heading “Integration, Migration, Refugee” on page 137, it says in a nutshell:

“Well-integrated young people should be given the opportunity to stay in Germany after three years of residence and up to the age of 27 (Section 25a of the Residence Act, Residence Act). We honor special integration achievements of tolerated persons by granting families a right to stay after six or four years (§ 25b AufenthG). “(Migration: Denmark deports Syrians to Damascus – 25,000 “boat refugees” board Great Britain)

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It is further specified: “People who have been living in Germany for five years on January 1, 2022, have not committed a criminal offense and are committed to the free democratic basic order should be able to receive a one-year residence permit on probation in order to meet the other requirements for a To fulfill the right to stay (in particular livelihood security and proof of identity according to §§ 25 a and b AufenthG). “

Coalition agreement with considerable relief for citizenship

All non-EU foreigners, for example Syrians, Afghans, Iranians, Iraqis, Libyans and all other Africans anyway, who have been in Germany for more than three years, receive an unlimited residence permit.

Anyone who has been in Germany for more than five years can then have great hopes for German citizenship. However, he should not have committed a criminal offense. And anyone who has only been here for four years but has given birth to a child in the Federal Republic of Germany has extensive rights and can also hope for German citizenship – just like the newborn child, of course.

This means that German citizenship will be very easy to obtain in the future, and will almost be squandered. All around two million people who were admitted to Germany in 2015 should no longer be deported, provided they have not committed any criminal offenses.

And since that is not enough for the population, it says in the coalition agreement also in addition: “Civilian sea rescue must not be hindered. We are striving for a state-coordinated and European-borne sea rescue in the Mediterranean … “

In other words: if you want to go to Germany, you will not be held back seriously. And when he is there, after a short time he receives a right of residence with great chances of obtaining German citizenship. (Moral politics endanger democracy: “We are in a cultural civil war” (video))

Who really wants to contest a planned population change?

Poland’s German migration crisis, the inner-European culture war, homage to Poland

This film pays homage to Poland, where the soul of Europe still breathes! In my hour-long film, I take the latest upheavals in connection with the illegal mass immigration attempts on the Polish-Belarusian border as an opportunity to pursue the fundamental question of which Europe the coming generations will live in: in a mainly Germany-dominated, multiculturalized, socially gendered and possibly strongly orientalized Europe?

Or in that Europe striven for by the Poles themselves, Hungarians and other south-east European countries, which defends its specific, historically grown and value-related cultural identity and adheres to it as a guiding culture and compass for the integration of immigrant people. Take an hour to watch this film until the end, on which many people worked and in which over 400 hours of work were invested.

The extensive and costly shooting for this film took place in Poland, Germany and Iraq. It was one of the most difficult, complex, expensive and at the same time most beautiful film projects that I have realized as a freelance writer so far. I depend on your support for my advertising-free and cost-intensive film projects, which unfortunately are not shown on any broadcaster. Sad but true!

What connects Miriam Shadad, the young woman of Polish-Syrian origin who I interviewed in the film, and me is the love and connection to Europe and its culture, the culture that slips away from me a little more every day in Germany, and which Miriam wants to keep from slipping in Poland. Today, many Europeans are ashamed of their culture and history, and they would like to erase their past.

Today’s Europeans perceive everything their ancestors did as a provocation of their new values ​​such as diversity, multiculturalism and tolerance. Perhaps this process of self-gutting is part of a firmly anchored dialectic of high cultures. Civilizations cannot live immortally either, but they can transform themselves and live a few centuries longer, but only where the soul of a culture still breathes.

As you may read, hear and see, this film is a homage to Poland and a declaration of love for the Europe that I found 44 years ago and which today threatens to disappear due to the value-relativizing do-gooding of its inhabitants.

Thanks and sincere greetings Imad Karim

You can support my work here: https://paypal.me/fernsehautor or by direct transfer: Imad Karim IBAN: DE22 6707 0024 0023 8840 02 BIC: DEUTDEDBMAN

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