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“This goes out to all people who are fat and unhealthy. You’ve been fucked anyway. Because even if you don’t catch Covid, you will have a heart attack, OK ?! You won’t make it anyway. I don’t know what you mean by saying that we are supposedly in danger and you are not. Bitch Please. You cannot absolve yourselves from being bums for decades and people who have neglected their health, not their obesity, not the food they eat, and not the lack of vitamins and physical exercise. And all of a sudden you swing yourself up to be health guards? Fuck you …. fuck you. My entire life has revolved around being healthy. I’ve always been healthy. I haven’t been sick in eleven bloody years. I only got sick with Covid once, and only for a few days. And you want to tell me that you are the ones who are doing the right thing. And that you are the healthy ones? Fuck off! This is pure nonsense and you have to confront these people with it, because they all trumpet self-righteously “I have had myself vaccinated and you will get problems if you get infected with Covid.”


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