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A hilarious TikTok video shows a woman downing fast food and riding an exercise bike inside a McDonald’s in China. 

The video has clocked an astonishing 32 million views, 2.1 million likes, and 39,000 comments in just days. The woman is barely peddling while she consumes her meal. 

The clip was posted by Cris13yu, who captioned the video in Portuguese as “mc da China kkkk amei a idea,” which translates into “McDonald’s in China, I loved the idea.”


mc da China kkkk amei a ideia

♬ som original – cris13_u

TikTok users were overwhelmingly impressed by the health-conscious effort by the fast-food company to have customers burn off some calories while eating greasy food. 

However, some said, “bad for your digestive system lol. dont do physical activites while eating, eating needs a relaxed state so it can be digested well by the GI tract.” 

Another person said, “still more calories consumed than burned.” 

Someone asked: “Do they wipe the equipment after use?”

Others hinted it looks like a scene from the dystopic television series “Back Mirror.” 

McDonald’s could be testing a new concept for stores that would bring ‘health’ in mind. We joke and say the company should change its name to “McFitness.” 


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