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A couple in New York City dropped a familiar vulgarity about Joe Biden while walking by a Fox News reporter on the street.

Fox News correspondent David Lee Miller was standing in Times Square explaining event cancellations brought on by news of the mild Omicron variant when a passerby shouted, “Fuck Joe Biden!”

Miller glanced at the couple in response as they walked by then continued his reporting.

This isn’t the only anti-Biden remark captured on video today.

In Washington, someone cut into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech by shouting “Let’s Go Brandoooon! USA! USA!”

This comes after Biden threatened that unvaccinated Americans would face “severe illness and death” this winter if they don’t take the COVID injection.

Biden is set to announce further COVID restrictions on Tuesday as more and more vaccinated people – including double-vaxxed and boosted U.S. senators – are contracting the mild Omicron variant.

According to an NPR/PBS poll released Monday, Biden’s approval hit an all-time low of 41%, with independents now at 29% approval for the puppet president.

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