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The Illinois Holocaust Museum recently announced that visitors over the age of five must present their COVID-19 vaccine passport to enter the building, prompting mockery from health freedom advocates.

According to a statement from the Illinois Holocaust Museum, visitors over the age of five must present “proof of full COVID-19 vaccination to enter the building as of January 5, 2022.”

Those over 16 must also provide photo identification that matches that on their COVID-19 passport of choice.

Despite requiring COVID-19 vaccine passports, attendees must also wear face masks.

“If you do not follow these guidelines, you may be asked to leave the Museum,” the museum’s website warns.


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After the statement went viral, the Illinois Holocaust Museum apparently changed the tweet’s settings to limit replies.

The existing replies are overwhelmingly negative, and users have since taken to quote tweets to express their displeasure with the museum’s decision.

“Wait, I’m confused,” wrote one user. “Do people with yellow stars get in or are they the ones denied entry? Can you please explain how we know who is unclean and how you plan on discriminating against them again just so we’re clear?”

Is this the new normal?

“What a slapin the face to the people who suffered the greatest tragedy from being ‘othered,’” another added. “Discrimination based on medical status is WRONG and you have tarnished all the good you have done with this mandate.”


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“Force your five year old kids to be injected with synthetic mRNA in which the manufacturers have zero liability for side effects, injuries or death,” wrote musician and pundit An0maly, “So you can check out historical stories about a tyrant.”

“Optics check!”

Tiger Fitness’s Mark Lobliner added, “You have literally become Nazis.”

“I hate you,” he summarized.

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