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The COVID certificate is turned over. Access to the workplace will no longer depend on it and the document could become optional. The decision was made at a meeting of the coalition leaders with President Klaus Iohannis in the Cotroceni Palace. So the description of the video linked below.

Romania is becoming an example for the whole world, but above all for Europe. On paper, the pandemic is not a pandemic because it does not meet the technical requirements to be labeled as such. The head of the Infectious Diseases Hospital in Iasi, Dr. Florin Roșu, believes that lower virulence of the Omicron strain, as suggested by early scientific data, could mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic.

“Based on the scientific data we have so far, the Omikron strain is much more transmissible than the Delta strain, but it appears that the virulence is much lower, which could mark the beginning of the end of the pandemic. This is accomplished by having the two tribes reverse their dominance and this process will take a long time, probably around a year. The Delta strain is still prevalent in Romania and Europe, ”said Florin Rosu, director of the Infectious Disease Hospital in Iasi, on Wednesday.

The press has received over 50 million euros to manipulate the Romanians into the pandemic and keep the Iohannis / Cittu / Ciolacu triumvirate in power. With this impressive sum, he sings according to the rules, or rather, he barks. Guided embassies caused panic all over the world, in this case in Romania.

When not a single person was infected, the national economy was blocked and all Romanians stayed in the house on the instructions of Marcel Vela and Raed Arafat. This allowed them to stay in power and today, two years after the pandemic started, the PSD and PNL are back in power, with the full support of the Patriarch in Cotroceni.

Many Romanians have been infected with the corona virus to this day. The overwhelming majority are mild or very mild forms, but there have also been many deaths attributable to lack of adequate medication and inadequate cures in the midst of the fourth wave of pandemics. While all of Europe was preparing for the dangerous Delta variant, Klaus Iohannis and his puppet Florin Cîțu announced that they had defeated the pandemic. Emil Boc was about to be jailed for the events involving hundreds of thousands of people in Cluj that were the main factor behind the spread of the coronavirus. Not to mention the congress of the liberal monkeys who did not obey any rules when the infection rate in the capital was over four per thousand.

At these events, the notorious Arafat did not have the guts to speak, instead the hospitals filled up. These people, led by the President’s plague, must be investigated for crimes against humanity, for CRIMES against the Romanians.

Romania is at the bottom of the ranking, ahead of the small state of Kosovo and the Vatican, where the infection rate is zero.

The wonderful vaccine, the certificate of release

During the pandemic, first a vaccine was released, then a second, then the providers argued with each other. Now we are all vaccinated, but we still have to stay indoors, the shops have short opening hours, masks are worn in the gym or during physical education classes. Today there is no red card like in the days of the Bolsheviks. It is green. The dictatorship asserts itself step by step.

But the numbers change negatively, as if nothing were right. Romanians are being kept in their homes against their will, even though our country has the lowest infection rate in Europe today.

The introduction of the green certificate is an attack on the freedom of the Romanian people. My freedom ends when yours begins. The Romanian constitution has been suspended for almost two years and the country is ruled dictatorially by the CNSU, through Raed Arafat and the gang of secretaries close to the system, people who mostly have no medical training whatsoever. The country is in a state of alert because this is the only way for the wise guys to steal public funds, and the best example of this is these saliva tests, supplied by companies controlled by Nuțu Cămătaru and Cătălin Botezatu.

Hundreds of thousands of Romanians take to the streets. They’re coming out all over Europe and that will only be the beginning. All Romanians are unhappy, only a small part is afraid. Now they want to make vaccination compulsory. How far do these descendants of the Third Reich believe they can go?

A world revolution begins in Romania. When the people here understand that it is a circus, they will soon understand it all over the world and a real world revolution will arise.

As a reminder, the Romanians have already put their corrupt government to flight.

The escape from Ceaușescu on December 22, 1989

On December 22, 1989, after Nicolae Ceausescu tried unsuccessfully to give a speech from the Central Committee’s Bacon at 12:06 p.m., the Ceausescu family fled aboard a helicopter with three followers and two bodyguards.


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