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Perhaps it is better to identify the current situation as Pan Demonia … (NOTE 1)

where vaccinating also the healthy and young people not at risk

as well as damaging the vaccinated for “side effects”, unfortunately often fatal or with permanent damage,

it also compromises the result of vaccinations towards older people,

much more sensitive to bacterial pneumonia and consequent viral reactions (Covid and general flu).

Who, often already ill with various chronic or degenerative pathologies,

in addition to assuming the risk of adverse reactions and consequent viral mutants that their DNA produces as a result of vaccination (absolutely without scientific basis against viruses that do not give immunity such as covids),

with aggravation deriving from any previous chronic diseases,

they are further “infected” by the various “artificial” variants emitted by all the other vaccinated individuals

once the latter catch a good cold or perhaps indigestion and get a good seasonal flu, post vaccination.

Furthermore, considering that human beings who are all different in their DNA are subjected to an identical experimental health treatment, which is in itself unnatural,

Basically, “flu” vaccinations, perhaps better defined as “affected”, aggravate the risks for the vaccinated and for the community, in particular for the more sensitive one due to seniority or previous illnesses, even if vaccinated.

Fortunately, Mother Earth’s intelligence is superior to the reductionist ignorance of some human beings who drive technologies.

We therefore hope that the Laws of Nature will triumph over the irresponsible ignorance and perfidy of the agro-pharmaceutical industries;

and that the “natural” variant Omicron, supplied to us by the ancient African brothers (not vaccinated, ed), through their Patriarchal DNA / Rna (SEE NOTE 2 at the bottom of the page)

spread rapidly as a “very demure mass vaccination”,

that with a simple cold of Nature brings us many contemporary mutations in a single virus produced by the genetic memory of human beings (inherent in Omicron), whose inviolability is established by the Charter of Human Rights of the United Nations.

Mutations able to make us immune from all the viral variants emitted in recent decades (as has always happened in Nature),

mostly caused today by influenza vaccinations or Covid, or produced in a forced and / or “artificial” way.

Of particular danger are those deriving from the so-called “Vaccines” containing GMOs,

transgenic particles absolutely prohibited in Italy, even at the experimental level.

Which makes us further concerned about the effects of genetic drift and horizontal and vertical gene transfer between living beings,

in a country where there is an absolute ban on the environmental release of GMOs.

Nature has within itself the problems (in particular those caused by Human beings) and the Solutions, already subjected to the scrutiny of Evolution.

Hoping that Evil (today the exclusive prerogative of Human beings) has finally exhausted its functions … for good …

For our obstacle course from the Human to the Divine.

In this period of final Last Judgment,

I extend my best wishes to you all …

for the best future and good luck to all of us and to our great project of preventive medicine, culture, agriculture and natural law,

Giuseppe Altieri, Agroecologist



NOTE 1: PAN THE GOD DEMONIZED AND TRANSFORMED INTO SATAN The god Pan, equivalent of Faun in Roman mythology, is a Hellenic deity, and his name has two meanings: the first derives from the Greek paein which means to graze, and the second from pân which means everything. He is a hybrid deity, depicted with goat legs and horns, with shaggy legs and hooves, a human torso and bearded face which gives him a terrible expression. Despite his appearance Pan is a good and generous god to anyone who asks for his help, but he is equally well known because of the terrifying scream he emits with those who dare to disturb him from his afternoon nap, instilling great fear in the unfortunate, hence the term. panic.

NOTE 2: Many are unaware that most of known human history took place in Africa. For thousands of years, African societies were matriarchal and prospered. By bringing the oppressive form of so-called colonial Christianity to Africa, Europeans have replaced millennia of prosperous matriarchy with an oppressive patriarchy. https://matriarchalstudies.com/i-studies-of-recent-and-extant-matriarchal-societies/africa/

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