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President Trump met with Christina Bobb of OAN and we have the entire interview here.

Yesterday we shared a piece from this interview in which President Trump discussed the (Communist-style) censorship of conservatives in the media and Big Tech.

“It’s the beginning of communism and I think it’s beyond, way beyond the beginning” – President Trump on conservative censorship such as T-Mobile’s Gateway Pundit (VIDEO)

Today we have the entire interview for you here. President Trump claims America is in the early stages of communism under Joe Biden. He sat down with One America’s Christina Bobb for this exclusive interview.

TREND: “For the first time we were all able to sing the star-studded banner together, we sang it loud and proud” – Exclusive: Patriots speak from within DC “GITMO” – One year later January 6th

Asked about his take on the current administration, President Trump shared:

Well, I think like everyone else it’s a disaster. Our country has never felt like this. It has never been like this. We are not respected around the world. We don’t have it, it’s almost as if we have no power left. If you look at what is happening in Russia with Ukraine. If you look at China and Taiwan. If you look at everything. Iran threatens. They are all threatening.

They were threatening us when I was there. No one would have threatened us. And I think a lot had to do with the Afghan withdrawal. The way we withdrew from Afghanistan, it was like that and getting out was good, not bad, but you had to keep Bagram and you had to keep your soldiers and troops last, not first.

Watch the entire interview below:

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