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Twenty months of intense research on the current crisis caused by a laboratory virus and his impending leave from teaching are the basis of this summary letter from the physics teacher Corrado Penna, The main purpose is to inform his colleagues of his vision of together and the conclusions drawn from it.

Dear colleagues,

I am one of the many workers in this school who risk their jobs for personal choices in the field of health.

No one has ever judged the choice of the majority to take the experimental vaccine put into circulation against COVID-19 (authorized temporarily – but not definitively – as an “emergency drug”), but unfortunately the government wants to blame those who refused to take this substance (for which there was not, and still is not, precise information on short- and long-term efficacy as well as adverse effects).

Moreover, it is now known from the news events, from scientific research and from the official statements of the leading exponents of the same medical community (who invited people to get vaccinated), that even the vaccinated can infect, even the vaccinated can get sick, and even that the viral load in case of contagion with the delta variant is the same in vaccinated and unvaccinated (one of the borderline cases consists of a concert held in the Netherlands which could only be accessed thanks to a vaccination certificate or recent swab, concert which led to new infections and an outbreak of new cases).

Consequently, beyond the obvious unconstitutionality of the approved decree, there is no scientific reason to impose the use of the green-pass.

It will be hard for many of us to admit it, but in this condition those who are vaccinated, if the vaccine works, may show few symptoms and not realize they have the infection, but still be infectious, and go to work or shop by coming into contact. with dozens of people (and potentially infecting them). The lower the risk of contagion by an unvaccinated person who easily develops symptoms and consequently isolates himself and is treated at home or in a protected ward in the hospital. This means that vaccinated people (if the vaccine works) can be more easily a vehicle of contagion precisely because once infected they should not show obvious symptoms, and would never be placed in isolation. Logically, therefore, if an unvaccinated person is forced to swab three times a week (to prove that they are not a vehicle of contagion), a vaccinated person should be all the more forced to do the same.

Furthermore, by now dozens of scientific studies have shown that the spike protein of the coronavirus (“spike protein”) is the element that causes most of the severe symptoms of the disease, being toxic to the body; unfortunately the vaccines have been manufactured in order to introduce this protein linked to a viral vector or in order to introduce messenger RNA that “teaches” the cells of our body to produce this protein. In any of the two ways our body undergoes (for a period that is difficult to quantify for obvious reasons) the toxicity of these proteins that can cause not only blood clotting (and sometimes thrombosis, or myocarditis, as unfortunately we know), but also a number of other health problems triggered by the toxicity of these proteins. Faced with these scientific discoveries, insisting on carrying out a vaccination campaign using these antigens instead of the other envelope proteins appears (at best) to be dictated by the profit motives of drug companies who do not want to spend a slice of the earnings of these. months to work on a more effective and safer vaccine.

As if that were not enough we also have a clear case (as indicated by the investigations of the judiciary) of death due to the phenomenon of Antibody Dependent Potentiation: first the infection and the production of natural antibodies, then the vaccine and then the induction of an inflammation oversized tissue that destroyed the lungs. This phenomenon called ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) obviously scares to death (it should be said) that among us the disease (and the relative antibodies) has made but is equally forced not to demonstrate that it has protective antibodies through the relative analysis, but simply to get the vaccine.

The ADE phenomenon, already known because observed in the case of Dengue hemorrhagic fever and SARS-CoV infection (SARS of 2012) is mostly triggered when the patient has a sub-optimal antibody titre; this means that if we workers who made COVID still had the high antibodies, we could never infect anyone, if instead we had the lowest antibodies we could die from the aforementioned ADE reaction. I hope you realize the enormity of the situation and the lightness with which the government is enacting these liberticidal laws.

In fact, we are moving towards a situation in which those who ask for compliance with the Nuremberg code (which imposes the obligation of consent for the intake of an experimental drug, and prohibits any external pressure so that a man is forced to take it) is treated in the same way of a second-class citizen, but ALL of us find ourselves catapulted into a dystopian future in which to be authorized to do any activity one must show a pass, a little like the Palestinians of the Gaza Strip who must continually pass under the checkpoints and Israeli military controls. Furthermore, with this digital technology we are coming to a total control of our every move, our every expense, our every activity, our every search on the web, with the creation of a society even worse than that described in the famous 1984 novel.

Against this current discrimination, which risks losing their jobs to those who have dedicated and given time and energy to the school for years (for even inadequate pay) I hope that we will not find ourselves alone, but that we can count on your solidarity, regardless of any personal opinion on the usefulness of the present vaccination campaign.

Because here we are eroding the fundamental rights of the human being sanctioned by the universal declaration of human rights, by our constitution, by the European constitution (as confirmed even by democratic judiciary), from the Treaty of Oviedo, from the Nuremberg code and we are heading towards a very dangerous drift (I hope you have not missed the recent statement of those who invoked a military government in the event that Prime Minister Draghi should fall).

Greetings to everyone

Corrado Penna

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(whereas Claudio Giorlandino, scientific director of the clinical diagnostic institute of high-medical research, states that those who contracted the virus “unlike the vaccinated, have antibodies against the whole virus. The value of their IgG is generally several thousand mU / ml “, And the antibodies are” directed not only against the Spike protein. The IgG of the affected subjects attack all the viral proteins, not only the S component which, as we know, varies continuously and is always called by different names “, namely those of variants. “Among other things, in the majority of cases the asymptomatic recovered have more stable and higher antibody values ​​than the vaccinated. An example? An asymptomatic subject, with currently negative buffer and negative IgM (therefore cured for at least 40 days) presented a total IgG value of 47,300 mU / ml, while a subject with 2 Pfizer doses (the last on June 23) 10,400 ″.

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