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Something is changing. After two years of media terror that is not yet over, the headlines that seem to want to open a different scenario increase. Right now, there are many signs that Omicron’s invasion could put an end to this incredible nightmare we are living in. Game over.

We read about the Press : “Omicron kills less than a flu “

The number of scientists in the world is growing, inviting them to take advantage of the low mortality rate of this mutation to change their strategy: instead of fighting the virus, it is better to learn to live with it.

Great Britain it has not closed schools or imposed new restrictions, but Omicron is showing the first signs of letting up anyway. For two consecutive days the infections have decreased and everything suggests that the new variant will follow the same trend that it had in South Africa, where after six weeks it stopped infecting people.

Spain is ready to take a fundamental step towards normalization. Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez announced: “With Omicron we are heading towards an endemic disease rather than a pandemic as before.” It is considering changing its approach to the pandemic which will also lead to a management plan that the local media have defined more similar to that implemented for the flu “, adding that this is “a debate that we are trying to open at the European level”.

Omicron swan song from Covid? How is the narrative changing,

asks and explains the Huffingtonpost: Omicron is less serious because it affects the throat more than the lungs “: six studies say it!

Six studies cited by the Guardian which highlighted that Omicron does not damage the lungs like Delta and other previous variants, attacking the upper respiratory tract first. It should be noted that, since these are searches in pre-print, have not yet been certified by peer review, or have not been subjected to the evaluation of specialists in the sector called to validate their actual validity in clinical practice. In any case, the results are interesting and above all coincident.

A bridge from pandemic to endemic “

Also according to the Huffingtonpost, Christopher Murray, professor of health metrics science at the University of Washington in Seattle, former executive director of WHO and the Harvard Global Health Initiative. “At least half of the population in Europe and North America will be infected by February. Most of these infections, however, will be asymptomatic and many will not even know they have Omicron, “said the expert in an interview with the newspaper. The print. Hence the prediction: “I think that after March, in the Northern Hemisphere, Sars-Cov-2 will become a seasonal virus or an endemic virus rather than a pandemic”. “

I believe that the Omicron variant could be the bridge variant for the transition from the pandemic to the endemic phase “, is instead the opinion expressed by Francesco Le Foche, clinical immunologist of the Policlinico Umberto I. In an interview with Corriere della SeraFor the Spallanzani Covid-19 Scientific Technical Committee, the evolution of Covid-19 towards a seasonal respiratory infection is “a scenario that appears increasingly possible” …You see Who

For the political scientist Mounk: “Omicron? It is the beginning of the end of the pandemic as a social phenomenon ”. You see Who

Really Bassetti agrees and sees the big turning point: “In the United Kingdom, 98% of the population, ie the vaccinated and the infected, are immune. Soon we too will be immune ”, thanks to the widespread use of the Omicron variant.

But most of our best-selling newspapers continue to insist on spreading a climate of terror, and governments like ours and those of Austria, Germany, Australia, etc. they continue to harass the population with absurd restrictions that would not even be justified if a real plague circulated. Why do they do it?

An important reason is the introduction of mRNA technology explains the prof Gonzo in a recent article: the vaccines’ now constitute a milestone in the history of modern medicine and they could change forever the approach to pharmacology. The goal is clear: to supplant the traditional pharmacological apparatus with computer-built (sequence-based) RNA (or DNA) medicines. This drift is dangerous, not just because it claims to revolutionize the classic pharmacological approach in the absence of sound scientific foundations, but because it would end with the concentrate the possibility of producing drugs in the hands of a few multinationals.

If this is what is at stake, it is therefore easy to understand why the most widespread media and information are so tenaciously denying that the new vaccines are forms of gene therapy. And it is also understood that the marketing of these vaccines could have taken place without arousing those protests and the disapproval – scientific and political – which other drugs introduced on the market have incurred without the necessary precautions.

And adds Bizzarri: For all to see, for now, mRna vaccines offer limited protection, which vanishes within 3-5 months. Nothing like this has ever been detected with traditional vaccines.

So why do they keep clinging to their narrative promoting vaccine as the ultimate solution?

This plandemic it must not be defeated by a mutated and even natural virus that prefers to live with its host rather than kill it, but it must be the “triumph” of an unprecedented mass vaccination that will not end but will become an element of a new normal characterized by totalitarian control on the life of all people and on all areas of life.

For us there is nothing more to say than: Welcome Omicron!

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