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Julian Chandra, the founder of independent video hosting platform Odysee, clapped back at a corporate journalist from left-leaning tech website CNET after receiving an email that appeared to accuse Odysee of “being a platform filled with conspiracy theory and misinformation videos.”

“I received an annoying email from a CNET journalist recently looking for a quote from us on what Odysee’s stance is toward ‘misinformation,’” Chandra wrote in a blog post. “What was most annoying however; the way they absurdly said that we’re a ‘go-to’ platform specifically for misinformation and conspiracy content.”

The New Tech entrepreneur continued, “I know this is just a case of another dumbass journalist from the legacy media looking to write another ill-informed hitpiece about how new tech is morally corrupt without any modicum of understanding about what new tech represents, but this is so disparaging – the way these guys try to mischaracterise what we’re building. I wish many legacy media outlets would just die already.”

The post included a transcript of the email from the CNET journalist, who stated that they are “contacting different social media platforms and asking about their policies on misinformation,” and claimed, “Odysee has become one of the go-to platforms for video content that was removed from YouTube due to misinformation and I was looking to see if Odysee had an official comment about being a platform filled with conspiracy theory and misinformation videos.”

In response, Odysee wrote, “We don’t care if stupid people say stupid things and aren’t arrogant enough to believe we know everything. If you’re suggesting we should remove videos just because you don’t like them, you can suck our d**ks.”

Odysee experienced a surge in users earlier this year after YouTube made the universally-scorned decision to remove the dislike counter on videos, in what critics described as an attempt to placate corporate brands whose products were not received well by the general public.

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