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We will reach 100,000 cases in mid-January “

“The trips for the holidays, the kisses, the hugs and then the reopening of the schools on January 10 will have their effects felt with the peak probably around January 15-20. We could reach, as in other countries, about 100 thousand positive cases a day “. The medical director of the Galeazzi of Milan and member of the CTS of Lombardy Fabrizio Pregliasco said this to ‘Affaritaliani.it’, underlining that “we have not yet reached the peak of this new wave, which presumably will be reached after the holidays”.

“We must consider the coronavirus as the wave pattern that produces a stone in the pond. First we have the most impressive and then others occur – he says – We are not yet at the level of calm. There will probably be another wave next winter, after spring and summer, thanks also to the heat and the fact that people are more outdoors, there will certainly be an improvement ”. According to Preglisco, therefore, in 2022 “we will not get out of the pandemic

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