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Many NYT subscribers in the New York Metropolitan area who were hoping to kick back with their Sunday New York Times on the day after Christmas will instead need to wait until Monday – after the Christmas holiday period has ended – as “production delays” at the company’s printing press in Queens.

In an email sent to subscribers in the early hours of the post-Christmas morning, the NYT company warned that its Sunday edition (which has a much larger circulation than the weekday editions) wouldn’t be delivered until Monday due to a “Production Delay”.

While subscribers say they have received their paper late due to delivery issues and other miscellaneous factors before, this is the first time in recent memory that the company has cited production problems for preventing it from delivering on its obligation to produce a daily newspaper.

To be sure, it’s not the first time the Sunday Times has been delayed for this reason: a search on social media will turn up complaints from as far back as 2009 about readers going without their paper for production reasons.

A spokesperson for the NYT couldn’t be reached for comment by ZeroHedge.

The ongoing COVID-inspired global supply chain crunch has caused production delays and other headaches from businesses as diverse as carmakers to producers of packaging for food and other products. The NYT’s Queens plant is responsible for producing roughly 40% of the newspapers delivered by the NYT each day.


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