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From Paul Craig Roberts: He is an American economist and publicist. He was assistant secretary of the Treasury during the Reagan administration and is known as a co-founder of the Reagan administration’s economic policy program.

It is a proven, indisputable scientific fact that the “vaccine” does not prevent the infection and spread of the Covid virus or its variants. It is also an undeniable fact that we are experiencing a pandemic of the vaccinated. The vaccine causes harmful side effects and deaths, which the hospitals mistakenly refer to as “Covid deaths,” and the vaccine damages the human immune system, causing the virus to spread. The “vaccine” also causes variants that are used for propaganda purposes in order to maintain the fear hype, although hardly any serious injuries or deaths are associated with the “omicron variant”.

So why are the authorities resorting to extremely tyrannical methods to force people to infect themselves with a dangerous “vaccine” when, even if the “vaccine” would protect, the death rate from Covid is extremely low and the dangerous side effects of the “Vaccine” not justified.

It is a proven fact that there are very few “Covid deaths”. The deaths are “with Covid” in untreated infected people who were denied HCQ and ivermectin and who had severe comorbidities. In other words, the whole panic is staged and nonsensical.

Here again the death rates from infections and the survival rates by age group.

Video in English to be found here.


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