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Alex Jones bullhorns the KKK and embedded federal agent provocateurs in Waco, Texas, after they threatened to burn down the Mount Carmel church being rebuilt by volunteers, in new HD remastered footage from the Mike Hanson archives.

Jones was on-site helping rebuild the church in Waco after a deadly FBI siege killed over 75 Branch Davidians, including 25 children.

“The KKK showed up at Mount Carmel uninvited… and threatened to burn the unfinished church down,” the video states, adding that KKK members also fired shots at volunteers.

Jones described to reporters on the scene how one KKK member threatened him after Jones called him a “federal agent.”

“I don’t know if you heard it, we got it on video [a KKK member] threatened me. He said, ‘My Second Amendment means I can come down and blow your head off.’ …police didn’t do anything. I couldn’t believe that. I was just calling the guy a federal agent. I said, ‘Probably one of you is a federal agent,’ is what I said – and I think they are. I mean we’ve got so many cases in mainstream news and… articles where the Klan is controlled by the federal government, and they come in here and smear the good work we’re doing down there. They’re not gonna stop us. I’m gettin this church done.”

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