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The number of strollers during the protests against the Corona measures seems to have exceeded a critical threshold. A closed media front has been building up since Tuesday to push these protests deep into the right-hand corner and thus legitimize a brutal approach.

On Monday, according to participants in Rostock, there were 15,000 people who demonstrated against the Corona measures. That was the largest demonstration, and especially interesting in relation to the city’s population; Rostock only has 200,000 inhabitants, so 7.5 percent of the inhabitants were on the street.

What is developing there, in hundreds of places across the republic, is a broad movement, carried by completely normal people. Because the demonstrations are not registered and because they are taking place in so many places at the same time, they can hardly be stopped. A few weeks ago police hundreds were carted to Saxony from other federal states in order to contain the demonstrations there; this is no longer possible because there is no federal state in which there are no protests.


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