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The astronomers are amazed! A gigantic object accompanies a comet that orbits between Earth and Venus. Some scientists assume an extraterrestrial probe…

Comet Leonard was spotted a year ago as it appeared between Earth and Venus, following a curved path toward the Sun. This comet was even visible in the sky with the naked eye for a while.

In the meantime, it has moved much closer to the sun and is trailing a long tail. But this may not be particularly interesting and has already happened more often, what is much more exciting is that this comet was accompanied by a mysterious object. The object was huge and moved intelligently.

This was photographed by a NASA probe. Of course you only get a film from a long distance. The highly detailed images are most likely under lock and key.

In appearance, this unknown object, also called “The Wheel of Ezekiel”, resembles a giant parachute. A large screen is visible, located in front of the object, including a round object behind it.

It looks as if this screen would protect the unknown flying object behind it from the sun’s rays. But that’s not all, many amateur astronomers who like to observe Venus explain that this planet has been behaving strangely for months:

Venus is getting bigger and bigger and can now be seen much brighter and clearer even with the naked eye in the starry sky. How the moon has different moon phases, ie full moon, crescent moon, crescent moon, can now also be seen very clearly with Venus and this was not visible before, even with a powerful hobby telescope.

This circumstance fans discussions in the forums of amateur astronomers. They wonder if Venus is still in its usual orbit 40 million kilometers away or if it is another planet that has suddenly appeared out of nowhere and is approaching.(Huge Mysterious Object Shielding Earth From Leonard’s Comet (Video))

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So far no result has been reached. Some of them are now wondering if the unknown object could have any connection with the strange behavior of Venus.

For example, it could be that the splinters of the comet might have hit the earth and the unknown object with its gigantic screen prevented this.

It is also interesting to note that the unknown object initially looked like a wheel with an X in the middle (see picture), but later turned into an object that stretched out an enormous screen in front of it.

In any case, this screen of the huge unknown object is larger than Earth and has also been seen several times on other recordings! And of course this leaves a lot of room for speculation.

NASA isn’t much of a help here, refusing to post better images on the internet. What’s more, she claims that this object in the images is just a reflection of Venus.

This conclusion, however, is absolutely not tenable and demonstrates once again how information is systematically withheld from mankind here.

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