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The work Iris

Paolo Cirio: We are witnessing the penetration of technology into our bodies – a subject of not insignificant complexity “.

Digital art and activism: Paolo Cirio is a conceptual artist, hacker and activist from Turin, whose work exploits and targets the information technologies of company of check. In 2011, he downloaded one million profile images of as many users from the social network to upload them to a dating site. He then unveiled the names of 200,000 companies that were on the Cayman’s tax records. Cirio’s business has been going on for about 15 years, the last ten abroad (today he lives and works in New York), and investigates the issues of privacy and intellectual property. Sometimes moves on the razor’s edge, sometimes it uses free and accessible information. A creation, for example, is one collection of thousands of patents of the algorithms used on the web, which addresses the dark implications of artificial intelligence and algorithms used for surveillance and social manipulation purposes in the age of the internet and global communication. His works are the result of actions, often beyond the law and subject to censorship and denunciations, aimed at revealing and overturning the dangerous hidden mechanisms of new technologies. Their purpose is to invite active political-social reflection, capable of stimulating awareness of the digital tools of daily use that govern every aspect of our collective and private life, and of generating changes on the ethical, social and legislative. I RECOMMEND THE INTERVIEW AT THE END OF THE PAGE


Paolo Cirio. Monitoring Control (from 20-11-2021 to 31-01-2022)

A single exhibition itinerary that collects a wide and cohesive selection of works produced by the artist over the last ten years, in dialogue with the large installation Iris, created for the occasion.

Monitoring Control is the Paolo Cirio exhibition curated by Marco Scotini.

Through a series of important works, eight of which are present in the exhibition, Paolo Cirio he tried to give visual form to all those forces that control and capture our existences (in a pervasive and violent way), evading normal perception and remaining carefully hidden while operating in the sunlight. In this sense, realism it means overcoming the constitutive opacity of the contemporary (economic, social, legal) world. Not only through the unmasking of what appears but also through a modeling of what remains buried.

For this reason the title of the exhibition, Monitoring Control, it alludes to a double monitoring: that exercised by power and, vice versa, that which social subjectivities can exercise over forms of control, through an awareness of the phenomenon and an antagonistic operation. Monitoring Control, from this point of view, is one expository sequence of sabotages to forms of security and surveillance which opens and closes with the large tower located in the historic octagonal vestibule of the Palazzina dei Giardini. With direct allusion to the control tower of the Panopticon, the structure is central and in place of the guard post eight photographs of ocular irises and differently colored are mounted, to form a large octagonal crown. Across the Iris project Paolo Cirio intends to carry out a symbolic desecration of the control device, proposing “contact lenses” of the future that can blur the identification and possibly make the monitored subject change identity. This reversal of the asymmetry between visual regimes is what would emancipate us from control, allowing us to monitor it. Among the works on display there is also the project Street Ghosts: here Cirio selects images of passers-by visible on Google Street View by printing them in full size. The posters are cut out along the edges and then affixed to the walls of the buildings in the exact spot where people were when they were photographed …

Paolo Cirio was born in Turin in 1979. He lives and works in New York. He has had personal exhibitions at the Certosa di Capri, 2021, PAN in Naples, 2020; Giorgio Persano Gallery, Turin, 2019; Sandretto Re Rebaudengo Foundation, Turin, 2019; International Kunstverein Luxembourg, 2016; NAME, Berlin, 2019, 2016, 2015; Bellegard Center Culturel, Toulouse, France, 2015; Kasa Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey, 2013; Aksioma Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2013 and 2011. His work has been presented in important institutions around the world and has won numerous awards, including the first Golden Nica prize at Ars Electronica in Linz, the second Transmediale prize in Berlin , the Eyebeam and ISCP fellowships in New York

SOURCE https://www.fmav.org/mostre/paolo-cirio-monitoring-control/


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