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The original article called for “dancing on the graves of those who oppose vaccination”.

The Los Angeles Times published an article by columnist Michael Hiltzik saying it was “necessary” to make fun of the deaths of those who opposed vaccination.

Yes, really.

As Chris Menahan bemerkt, the URL of the original article suggests that the first heading was worse and that it was later changed by an editor.

The first version that was released was titled ‘Why shouldn’t we dance on the graves of those who oppose vaccination?


The headline has been changed to “Making fun of the deaths of anti-vaccination opponents is gruesome, yes – but necessary”.

The final version is now: “To make fun of the COVID deaths of vaccine opponents is gruesome, yes – but maybe necessary”.

The constant weakening of the headline clearly indicates that the newspaper was trying to minimize the inevitable backlash that would result from it.

Most of the article focuses on poking fun at the death of conservative activist Kelly Ernby, who opposed compulsory COVID vaccination for children as a prerequisite for school attendance, but then died of “COVID complications”.

“Kelly Ernby’s friends and family ask us to remember her because she was a civil servant and a dedicated wife and mother. But let’s not mince words: your campaigns against public health action undermined whatever good she may have done in her other endeavors, ”writes Hiltzik.

“The measures Ernby advocated may have contributed to the spread of COVID and the damage to public health infrastructure in their own community. Even before this pandemic, she spoke out in favor of measures that could expose California school children to deadly childhood diseases. There were no scientific or medical reasons for their rejection of the regulations, just political ideology. “

The columnist goes on to claim that the media should focus on the deaths of people asking questions about COVID vaccines and other lockdown measures, as if they weren’t doing it ruthlessly anyway.

“But ridicule is not necessarily the wrong response to those who publicly ridiculed anti-COVID measures and encouraged others to do the same before dying from the disease the dangers of which they downplayed,” he added.

Imagine if those who opposed the vaccine made fun of the deaths of people who died from the side effects of the vaccine.

They would be treated like monsters by the media, like Michael Hiltzik for his disgusting inflammatory speech.


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