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December 31, 2021

Mr. Maurilio Ribeiro.

GOIANIA, BRAZIL — A popular 28-year-old singer is dead in textbook post-injection fashion, as we’ve seen on this blog numerous times.

Mr. Maurilio Ribeiro is one half of the Brazilian music duo Luiza & Maurilio. Luiza Santos is the other half. They rose to fame in 2015 after gaining a large social media following. Luiza & Maurilio are perhaps best known for a 2019 song entitled “S de Saudade part Zé Neto e Cristiano.” It has 386 million Youtube views as of publishing.

The group has 439,000 followers on Facebook. Mr. Ribeiro has 352,000 followers on his personal Instagram page.

Injections and death

Mr. Ribeiro received his first Pfizer mRNA injection on August 17, according to his Instagram page. He posted a photo of his “vaccine card” with the caption, “First dose of hope for better days! I turned half alligator.” It’s unclear what exactly the second sentence means. Mr. Ribeiro suffered no apparent adverse effects from the injection.

He received his second Pfizer mRNA injection on November 17, a full three months after the first one. The Centers for Disease Control says the two injections should be done within 3-4 weeks of one another. Mr. Ribeiro posted a photo of himself receiving the injection with the caption, “I’m messed up but I’m immunized! Second dose is in the arm! GET VACCINATED!!! Vaccines save lives.”

Luiza & Maurilio were recording an appearance on a DVD called “Não é o Fim do Mundo” by Zé Felipe and Miguel on December 14. Mr. Ribeiro reportedly developed chest pains and had difficulty breathing while performing. At least one mainstream media outlet reported that Mr. Ribeiro had a stroke and collapsed on stage. He was admitted to a Goiania hospital the next day and never left.

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Doctors diagnosed Mr. Ribeiro with a thromboembolism – a blood clot that breaks free from a blood vessel in the legs and blocks a blood vessel in another part of the body, usually the lungs or heart. His family posted an Instagram update on Christmas Day that attempted striking a positive tone.

“They took this photo of Maurílio recently and he had commented that he would use it to post tonight. Thank you @odanielzao for submitting and reminding us of this! And we, as a family, are here honoring this and taking the opportunity to leave this post as a space to wish him good energy and an excellent recovery, for him to read when he wakes up! A Merry Christmas to everyone, may Jesus bless your lives, just as He is blessing Maurilio every day!”

Unfortunately Mr. Mr. Ribeiro was intubated on or around December 26. He passed away on Wednesday, December 29.

Bolsonaro vs. Brazil

The saga continues between Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro and the rest of the country’s government. Bolsonaro said in an October 24 livestream that double-vaxxed people are “developing Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) much faster than expected.” YouTube and Facebook censored the livestream 48 hours later.

The Brazil Supreme Court ordered the country’s top prosecutor to investigate whether or not President Bolsonaro is spreading “fake news” created by his allies. Several of said allies have already been arrested for the same allegations. This new investigation comes as Brazilian senators recommended criminal charges against Bolsonaro in October for his overall handling of the so-called pandemic.

COVID-19 is a full-blown political pawn. Right-wing ideology is typically against the entire agenda, while liberal politicians facilitate The Great Reset. At least that’s the case in countries outside the United States. Donald Trump, the de-facto Republican leader in the United States, is a vaxx zealot, as is the top Republican Senator, Mitch McConnell. Churches are now operating as tax-exempt vaccine clinics.

Those of you still waiting for a politician, preacher or judge to save you are on the clock. The only person who can save you and your family from all this madness is yourself. Mass deaths, including children, are forthcoming for the next 2-3 years, like nothing we’ve ever seen in human history. If you’re still alive and have healthy, natural human blood in 2024, then you’ve evolved as a person and will be as well-positioned as possible in the New World Order.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.


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