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The reason professional soccer players break down on the field and have heart attacks is because injections of the spike protein “vaccine” turn their blood into a semi-solid gelatinous mass. For this reason, Covid vaccines are also increasingly referred to as “blood clot injections”.

Of course, when your blood stops functioning as a liquid and turns into a solid, it can no longer flow through your circulatory system.

In a matter of seconds, your brain will lose oxygen and you will be unconscious. This is the reason why so many people who take the Covid Injection “Blood Clot Injections” die or pass out.

It also happens to news anchors (live on camera) like this Brazilian reporter who, after publicly bragging about taking Covid vaccine injections, passed out and passed out in the middle of his own newscast.

Before he passed out on camera, he even tweeted, “Vaccines save lives” and urged everyone to get the booster vaccination. He had reportedly suffered five heart attacks on the way to the hospital.

The following picture, taken in 2018 by a pre-Covid patient, shows what a large, intact blood clot can look like (yes, the picture is real):

naturalnews.com reports: This particular picture of an intact blood clot was taken prior to Covid by a patient who reportedly “coughed up” a completely intact blood clot that resembles red coral or tree roots. From the NEJM:

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A 36-year-old man was admitted to the intensive care unit with an acute exacerbation of chronic heart failure. After a ventricular assist device was placed and anticoagulation therapy initiated, hemoptysis developed and he ejected a cast of the right bronchial tree.

This means that he literally coughed up an entire internal cast of the airways of a lung that has formed into a massive clot of blood.We are now witnessing the first signs of the dreaded vaccine zombie apocalypse)

According to a news report “Said the doctors working at the hospital that the man felt better immediately after coughing up the clot …”

We can only imagine.

While this particular photo is not of a Covid vaccine victim, it is a good representation of what is happening in the body of people taking mRNA Covid vaccines. The vaccine affects the blood clotting system and, in some people, causes the blood to freeze quickly, even as it flows through the arteries. (Study: Most people who are vaccinated die from autoimmune attacks on their own organs caused by the vaccine)

Arterial clot rarely looks like the large “coral” clot shown above because the clot is from the bronchial Airway the lungs that for some reason were filled with blood and then clotted.

In the circulatory systems of people who have been vaccinated, the actual blood clots that do form are almost always much smaller, and many patients can Micro- Experience blood clots that are invisible to the naked eye. (Side effects of vaccination: confined to a wheelchair and plagued by spastic disorders (video))

These blood clots, when pumped into the lungs, are often called Pulmonary embolism diagnosed. If the clots reach the brain, they can cause a stroke. If they get stuck in the heart, they can cause a heart attack.

If they become lodged in the smaller blood vessels that oxygenate the hands or feet, they can cause those limbs to become numb and require amputation (10 million people a day are put on a countdown to death from the vaccine that could wipe billions if not stopped)

The diagnosis of coagulation largely depends on Where the clots eventually lodge in, which explains why people who take spike protein “vaccines” suffer such a wide range of injuries and deaths. (Over a million injuries have now been reported in VAERS, with estimates of hundreds of thousands of deaths in the US alone …)

Meanwhile there are over 1,000 studies published in peer-reviewed journals that concluded the vaccines are dangerous.

Covid vaccines are real “coagulation injections” that increase the risk of blood clots and cause serious injury and death. The vaccine industry – along with the lying corporate media funded by Big Pharma – are using these clots to try to depopulate the planet by exterminating billions of people with weapons-grade bio-weapons sold under the label “vaccines”.

World War III is not a nuclear war; it is a silent war waged by needles.

corona-transition.org wrote in October 2021

Charles Hoffe found in his own patients that over 60 percent developed blood clots after the “vaccination”.

Canadian doctor Charles Hoffe is deeply concerned. Hope vaccinated many of his patients with the Moderna “vaccine”. He took blood from his patients before and after the mRNA injection and examined it for D-dimers. Based on the D-dimer values, Hope was able to determine that the majority of his patients had developed blood clots.(Depopulation program: be careful! U.S. military launches spike nanoparticle COVID vaccine)

“So far I have 62 percent positively elevated D-dimers, which means that blood clots are not uncommon,” Hoffe said recently in a Zoom conference with other medical professionals Infowars reported.

The thromboses are caused by the messenger RNA molecules in the “vaccine”, which in turn trigger the formation of spike proteins. I hope:

“Usually the cells that surround the blood vessels have to be very smooth. This is the only way for the blood to flow well and unhindered. But as soon as these small spike proteins become part of the cell wall, a rough surface is created. This is then similar to coarse sandpaper. “

This ultimately leads to the fact that blood coagulation becomes inevitable. Because the proteins that adhere to the cell walls would hinder the blood flow and damage the blood vessels.

Hopefully, the damaged vessels would no longer regenerate, but would remain permanently damaged. However, because these clots are so tiny and scattered, they would escape standard medical detection methods. Because of this, health officials would always claim that the clots are rare.

According to Hoffe, damaged blood vessels in the lungs in particular could be a major problem that could lead to “pulmonary arterial hypertension”. Then the vessels in the lungs are permanently damaged, which is life-threatening. “When the heart tries to pump blood through all of these damaged vessels, there is increased resistance to pump the blood through the lungs,” says Hoffe.

And further:

“The problem with this is that these people will likely develop right-sided heart failure within three years and die because they now have increased vascular resistance in the lungs.”

Hope believes that the small blood clots may also be the reason why many people who have been vaccinated experience similar negative side effects. (Elimination in modern vaccinations of spike proteins and graphene oxide (video))

Indeed, all of the common side effects of vaccination – headache, nausea, dizziness, fatigue – could be signs of brain thrombosis at the capillary level. I mean … you could literally have thousands and thousands of tiny clots in your brain that won’t be seen on a scan, but that are causing these very symptoms, “Hope said.

In another Interview the Canadian doctor also emphasized that nine of his patients, whom he had vaccinated himself, are now suffering so severely that a normal life is no longer possible. Hoffe’s criticism of the vaccination brought him numerous disadvantages. Until recently, the doctor had worked in a hospital emergency room.

However, British Columbia’s local health authority ensured that Hoffe was suspended.

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Sources: PublicDomain /naturalnews.com am 10.01.2022

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