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EMMANUEL Macron faces a wave of backlash following reports that the French government could introduce new COVID-19 restrictions before New Year’s Eve to curb the spread of the Omikron variant.

The French TV broadcaster TF1 reported on Sunday that the Macron government was preparing to impose a “curfew” on New Year’s Eve celebrations. An adviser told TF1 news broadcaster La Chaîne Info that “the question will be asked” as COVID-19 cases in the country rise. The media company added: “The possibility will be decided at the meeting of the Council for Health Protection next Monday.”

Health officials had warned emergency services were threatened with hospital admissions after France recorded more than 100,000 cases in a single day on Saturday, the highest daily rate since the pandemic began.

Almost 3,300 people are in the intensive care unit, reports France24.

That number exceeds the 3,000 number established in France as the crisis threshold for dealing with serious illnesses caused by COVID-19.

Macron is expected to hold a meeting on Monday at 3:00 p.m. GMT to discuss the rising case numbers with French health officials.

Many of the planned New Years Eve celebrations across the country have already been canceled before Macron will make an announcement after that meeting.

Last year, there was a curfew in France on New Year’s Eve.

The suggestion of tightened restrictions in the country has aroused anger in many

Former MEP and founder of the Eurosceptic Patriots party, Florian Philippot tweeted:

Curfew on December 31st, like last year?

But there has been a ‘vaccination pass’ for months and 90% of adults are vaccinated.

That would be enough to expose this government’s fraud!

He added: “A curfew if the 3rd dose should be” magical “and the health passport should be” the anti-restriction weapon “?”

This is the greatest lie in history. Do not believe anything anymore, offer 100% resistance!

Julien Odoul of the Rallye Nationale criticized the possibility on social media that new measures could come into force before 2022.

He wrote: “The government has deceived us all along.

Vaccination should be the return to normal life.

But even though 90% of the population is vaccinated, the contact cases are isolated and the curfew is back.

COVID-19 is still floating around and they are locking us up even more. STOP!

Of the 40 million beneficiaries in France, around 22 million have received a booster vaccination against COVID-19.

However, data from the Ministry of Health shows that around 9 in 10 people over the age of 18 in France are fully vaccinated.

France has been requiring a health passport since the summer, meaning proof of vaccination, recent recovery from illness or a negative test within the last 48 hours is required to gain access to restaurants, major events and long-distance travel across the country.

The regulation applies to all persons over 12 years of age.


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