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We’ll allow ourselves to take it easy in the next few weeks, but will still publish the latest relevant news.

The fact that we were so successful last year is also due to our readers! We would like to thank you most sincerely for this.

Of course, we don’t want to fail to wish all our readers a peaceful festive season, lots of strength, health and confidence.


We receive up to 100 emails a day, it is impossible for us to process all of them or to conduct correspondence.

Many thanks to everyone who sent us some interesting articles this week. Unfortunately we cannot publish all of them. We also get more and more questions about individual articles from their authors or sources. We refer to the sources for every article and the channel operator can be seen in the videos. We would like to contact you there directly.

We receive over 20 videos every day and an additional 20 different articles. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capacity to view them all or to put them online.

That’s why we created a Telegram group. There you have the opportunity to post your own information or to chat with like-minded people. The group is growing and there is a lot of interesting information available that is posted outside of our website.

Group: https://t.me/uncutnewsschweiz News and information only: https://t.me/uncut_news

As always, our weekly call


Our work is very time consuming. Searching for and finding trustworthy information and news not only requires time, but also a basic knowledge of world events and the background. The translations of English articles are easily implemented via Deepl.com, but still need to be corrected and improved. Not always perfect, but understandable. In addition, we have important articles translated from English into German by a specialist, which of course involves costs. On average, the time required (man-hours) to run this website is just under seven to eight hours a day.

Since today, September 17th, our website is hosted on its own server. The step was necessary because our website has seen a huge increase in traffic over the past few weeks. We hope that it is now working stably and quickly. Unfortunately, this also entails additional costs. Only the operation of the website for hosting, surfers, newsletters, etc. brings costs of just under SFr. 300.- with yourself. This does not include the work involved in translating articles and the rest of the news.

the most major media groups are controlled and influenced by interest groups and can no longer report freely and independently. They maintain good contacts with politics and business and operate, manipulate and propagate corresponding political goals. They are also supported by the state and corporations with money and are therefore bound by certain guidelines and in our opinion no longer trustworthy.

We are not supported by clubs, associations, parties or other lobby groups. All articles are free and you don’t have to register for them. We don’t advertise, and you won’t be bothered by annoying pop-ups or forced to deactivate the ad blocker, so we need your help. “

At the moment our news page is clearly censored by Google and the other Internet companies and sometimes advertised as a fake news page at the top. When you complete the search query on Google, uncut-news is displayed seriously and all NATO-compliant media are automatically listed that refer to us as fake news for our critical reporting. Therefore, secure our website by adding it to your favorites in your browser and linking / promoting our site. Please say further … .;)

Tip: Search engine that does not save your data and that tracks you and also lists the free media when searching duckduckgo.com.

Kind regards, Don R. Wetter and his team

Thanks to Telegram, our reach has increased enormously, not censored like Google, and accordingly the daily number of visitors to our website. This leads to the fact that we are threatened again and also insulted. We are getting more and more emails from envious people accusing us of doing this only for money. We have therefore decided not to publish any more donation updates. We ask for your understanding.

Our special thanks go to all those who support us.
(Monthly requirement to cover the “minimum costs” SFr. 1600.-)
☛ ☛ Donate by bank transfer ☚ ☚

Recipient: Uncut-News
Donation, WERE GOING: CH15 0070 0110 0022 5753 1


or per PayPal.

Another tip:

ExpressVPN for anonymity and security on the Internet.

Lately we have repeatedly received e-mails that uncutnews.ch could not be reached via cell phone or even computer or that certain public wireless connections were blocked.

We would like to take the opportunity here and Recommend VPNthat we installed ourselves on our smartphone or computer. It is fast and it offers the possibility to choose the country IP yourself.

Installation is very simple and can be used on smartphones, tablets or computers.

VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network“And describes the possibility of establishing a protected network connection using public networks. VPNs encrypt your internet traffic and disguise your online identity.

What do you do with a VPN? Using a VPN

  • Register for a VPN service.
  • Upload your VPN and launch the application on your preferred device (s).
  • Choose a server to connect to. …
  • Use the internet and your apps, and you can rest assured that your privacy and security are protected.

What is a VPN simply explained? Under VPN one understands a virtual private network, which offers the possibility to access an existing network (in the corporate context or also privately) from the outside. It also enables the encrypted, targeted transmission of data via public networks such as the Internet

If you need more information or want to install software on your cell phone or computer, please use this linkthis link. We receive a small fee for this. Many Thanks.

Silent night with a difference – misery is taboo when partying


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